More elderly women are experiencing homelessness than ever before. In UNHOWSED these women take centre stage & shine a light on the unexplored territory of lives lived on the edge. Their real voices are strong and significant. In a series of poetic, non-linear, & true narratives, they bare the emotional baggage that comes with homelessness.

UNHOWSED is a multidisciplinary performance work about older women’s homelessness – specifically based in the City of Port Phillip. It is a very relevant and timely topic affecting increasing numbers of women. It is currently one of the fastest growing types of homelessness.

Recent census data shows that in five years the number of older woman experiencing homelessness has increased by 31 percent, Homelessness Australia last year reported the number of older women ‘couchsurfing’ increased 83 percent and the number of older women sleeping in cars rose 75 per cent in four years.

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