Premiering at Theatreworks in 2005, UNFORESEEN STORIES is Impro Melbourne’s tour de force in long for improvisation.

What is long form? Long form is the term given to improvisation that creates an ongoing story or interweaves several stories or genres to create a whole. We start with suggestions from the audience but the story, the outcome, what will happen is UNFORESEEN – improvised from moment to moment.

This season of UNFORESEEN STORIES will see 9 different shows over the 5 nights: the German murder mystery hit from Berlin ‘Til Death Us do Part, a new musical theatre form Broadway Bound, hopefuls audition in You Got the Part!, Southern society in an improvised salute to Tennessee Williams, Chicago’s famous Harold format and more.

Two full stories improvised in one evening – all for the price of one! Come and taste the exotic delights, sample the variety. Laugh, cry, and be amazed.

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