Sydney theatre collective, Bite Productions presents TWO TWENTY SOMETHINGS by Michael Costi, a new Australian comedy about a generation who feel entitled to happiness. It is a probing look into a society where the expectations of the perfect life have outmatched the realities of growing up. The result will take audiences into the hearts and minds of young people and find nothing there but the little fears that rule their daily lives and the unattainable hope that they will somehow fix themselves. 

A young couple are worried. They are worried about, well, everything. From student debt to the resurgence of ISIS. After a ruined dinner, they compile a list of everything that troubles them. A deal is made. They will never be stressed about anything, ever again. Ever. What follows is a desperate attempt to live the ideal twenty something lifestyle. A fresh start filled with cool new friends; ASMR Youtube channels, and home brewed Kombucha. But their new found stability will only last for so long, as a gnawing anxiety is uncovered that will rupture and ultimately consume their superficial world. 

This show will be the 6th new work presented by Bite Productions, a collective committed to presenting new Australian work, by and for young people. Most recently they produced Whose Uterus is it Anyway? by Georgie Adamson at the Old 505 (Sydney)

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