You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work, bitch
– Britney Spears, ‘Work Bitch’

Long term boyfriends, Adam and Steve, are die-hard Britney Spears fans and Savage Garden doppelgängers. Together they embark upon a pilgrimage along the holy sites of Britney’s 2007 breakdown. However, when their meet-and-greet tickets for Britney’s concert residency in Las Vegas are inexplicably cancelled, everything begins to fall apart.

As the cracks in their relationship deepen, the couple are forced apart and thrust into an increasingly absurd journey through burgers, morphine, stolen Make-A-Wish gifts, bad Croatian accents, vomit, guns, sex, and mistaken identity. As they draw closer to Britney’s shiny façade, Adam and Steve must find a way to love each other again if they are to escape the dark heart of American pop culture.

TRULY MADLY BRITNEY is part of a spectacular queer party season at Theatre Works, located in the heart of St.Kilda. A new work by Alberto Di Troia, Truly Madly Britney is new Australian writing that is loud, queer, hilarious, considered and surprising. A must see this Midsumma.

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