A backyard. A book. A barbeque. A battle. It is Australia, 1945, and the Chinese have just invaded. Mongol hordes pour into the country, inciting the resident Chinese to murder and mayhem. Dick, Ted, Heather and Edith must run, fight, kill, fall in love, remain honourable, and, of course, remember to water the horses.

Australia, 1895. Kenneth Mackay—soldier, writer, horseman — sits poised while the words of his futuristic novel flow from the nib of his pen, sounding a clarion call to his countrymen: beware the Asianisation of Australia. Australia, 2011. A backyard. A barbeque — chilli prawns and satay sticks. Suddenly, an invasion of another kind is underway, and Beng, Miki, Keith and Christie must get back to the real story.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Japan, in a grove…

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