In the ashes everyone’s been scorched. Family, survival and legacy in the aftermath of disaster. 

Eva and Lily have returned to the farm following a catastrophic fire season. The family home has burnt to the ground, the fences have melted, the neighbours have fled and the animals have perished. Maggie, the matriarch, is living in a caravan on the blackened earth where the house once stood tending her new vegetable garden and refusing to leave her land. Painful family histories are revealed that force questions and confrontations to the surface. How much can this family ask of one another amidst the ashes?

Tackling the lived realities of a world increasingly affected by global warming and the impacts on our experiences of family, THE VIEW FROM UP HERE reflects and raises questions about the tapestry of our Australian zeitgeist. This theatrical experience investigates how we might find hope in one another in order to face tomorrow together.

THE VIEW FROM UP HERE is a new Australian play written by Fiona Spitzkowsky and directed by Julian Dibley-Hall. Performed by John Marc Desengano, Chanella Macri, Andrea Mendez and Emily Tomlins, the world premiere is designed by James Lew with lighting by Jason Crick and sound composition by Jess Keefe. 

The team creating this production are committed to a process that prioritises sustainability and the lowest possible carbon footprint. Further details will be available in a Project Sustainability Plan closer to the production.

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