It’s the end of the world sale – all things reduced to clear – time to take stock of what we have and flog it till it stops breathing. The market has collapsed, leading economists are jumping out of skyscraper windows, the golden bull has been put down. Arvid Flatpack has to fix it. Watch him journey down to the darkest recesses of hell to recurrent the only system that works: the free market.

Born out of the wintry depths of a suburban backyard shed, contemporary Melbourne theatre group The Bloomshed are touring their latest work to the Old 505 Theatre (Sydney) and Theatre Works (Melbourne). Emerging writer and theatre maker James Jackson in collaboration with The Bloomshed artists Lindsay Templeton, Justin Gardam and John Collopy have taken inspiration from Dante, Virillio and Crawford and turned it into a critique of techno-utopianism.

The Bloomshed aims to create cutting edge, political theatre. Reinvigorating classic texts through a combination of new writing and devising, THE MARKET IS A WIND-UP TOY is the company’s latest attempt to create something new by cannibalising the old.

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