THE MARKET IS A WIND-UP TOY – the latest piece of protest theatre from The Bloomshed, creators of ‘The Nose’ (Winner, Festival Director’s Award, Sydney Fringe 2017).

In the highest tower on the highest hill in the richest country in the world™ the five most powerful IKEA executives are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Their flat packable furniture has spread across the world. They have revolutionised what it means to be HUMAN, what it is to be FREE. They are the Gentlemen of the Enlightenment.

Then the market collapses. The GOLDEN BULL enters ready to explode his brains all over. It’s the end of the world sale. All things reduced to clear. Time to take stock of what we have and flog it till it stops breathing. Contain the damage. Bail out the banks. Leading economists jump out of skyscraper windows, the GOLDEN BULL is put down. Bit by bit the IKEA CORPORATION falls to pieces, till all that’s left is one pathetic soy-boy customer service representative: Arvid Flatpack. He has to fix it. He must journey down to the darkest recesses of hell to resurrect the only system that works. CAPITALISM!

Born out of the wintry depths of a suburban backyard shed, contemporary Melbourne theatre group The Bloomshed bring their latest work to Theatre Works. Winning the Critic’s Pick at Sydney Fringe Festival 2018, THE MARKET is BACK. Emerging writer and theatre maker, James Jackson, in collaboration with the Bloomshed, has taken inspiration from Dante’s inferno and transformed it a diatribe against rampant free market capitalism. 

The Bloomshed creates cutting edge, political theatre. Reinvigorating classic texts through a combination of new writing and devising, THE MARKET IS A WIND-UP TODAY is the company’s latest attempt to make something new by cannibalising the old.

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