In the silent moonlight, across the phosphorescent sea, she sings..

She sings the song of the nightingale.

A call.

A call for love. 


THE LOVE OF THE NIGHTINGALE, written by award-winning playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker, is a contemporary feminist adaptation of the Greek myth “Philomela”. 

Philomele embarks on a journey to visit her married sister in Thrace. In Athens, she has been sheltered, guided by philosophy and art. But, on the open sea, she becomes entangled in a web of power and patriarchy.

Philomele aches for the comfort of love. Her heart beats like wings to the dreams in her head and the adventures that await her. But power, greed and lust lead to an unforgivable act. And with this act, one world stops, and the rest moves on. 

As Philomele’s terrible fate grows closer, a chorus of sailors, soldiers, and waiting women turn their faces away. Could they have said something? What good is a small cry against kings and gods? 

THE LOVE OF THE NIGHTINGALE reveals a myth reverberating through time. This is a world that is not as far from us as we would like to believe.  Beautiful, wild, and mysterious, this is a timeless place which is both familiar and disturbing. 

Can our voices give us the power to amend the past, fight the present, and reimagine the future? Or will we say nothing?

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