Hear powerful and often humorous secret stories exploring sexuality, vulnerability and desire taken from interviews with butches, masculine women, gender rebels and transmen living across the world in THE BUTCH MONOLOGUES.

Based on interviews with butch-identified women living in the UK, Europe, USA, Caribbean and beyond, this work offers fresh language and intonation on butch beginnings, butch desire and desirability, butch bravado and vulnerability, butch-on-femme sex, butch-on-butch sex, switches, stones, butch as a trap, the butch body, violence, heroes and clothing.

An exciting new collaboration, THE BUTCH MONOLOGUES brings together Theatre Works St.Kilda; Hotpencil Press: an independent not-for-profit UK publishing house promoting high quality, unique, contemporary and re-visited works largely ignored by the mainstream, under the leadership of Laura Bridgeman; Vital Xposure: a dynamic touring theatre company under the creative leadership of disabled artist Julie McNamara; and a group of butches, transmen and gender rebels from Australia, who have joined together in the spirit of masculine solidarity, with the aim of promoting female masculinity and butch pride.

The performance is followed by a post-show Q&A with Laura Bridgeman, Julie McNamara and the cast.

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