Since its founding in 1980, Theatre Works has seen many different iterations, all the while maintaining the same spirit of the young troupe of artists who founded this company 40 years ago. Theatre Work’s history is steeped in hard work, built by the aspirations of countless artists and passionate creators as they continue to deliver what can only be recognised as powerful, relevant and vital performances. In 2020, we celebrate and uphold the values that Theatre Works was built on with an exciting, provoking, playful and proud program.

It is no secret that we have recently been faced with challenges, but we are confident we can overcome them creatively by looking to one of the core elements of our existence; our audience. We recently reached out to the public to ask the questions of why – “Why Theatre Works?” And “why now?” We were humbled by the overwhelming response: solidifying that we are a vital part of the future of Australian theatre, not only for artists, but for audiences as well.

So this year, we celebrate our independence and remain UNTAMED, championing artists and work that embrace difference and celebrate risk, providing a strong public platform for marginalised conversations and voices. We welcome artists across a breadth of experience and passionately encourage rigorous investigation of performance forms, ensuring the performances represent and reflect our society. We will rise to the challenge of viability, through a new approach to accessibility with our new 2020 at $20 initiative, encouraging more people to discover, create and love theatre by breaking down barriers to participation. In 2020, Theatre Works will build a foundation for the next 40 years of storytelling on our stage and for our

A quick snapshot of our 2020 programming unveils an enthralling season of theatre! In Midsumma Festival, we are presenting 5 theatre & cabaret productions, along with 2 artist development programs. During Comedy Festival we co-present 2 world premieres of new Australian writing and 1 Australian premiere of an internationally-renowned comedy. Looking towards the rest of the year, Theatre Works will: continue our youth programming with 3 bold new children’s works; premiere 9 new Australain works; host 1 VCA Playlisted work; produce 1 large ensemble performance; present our third annual Fringe Festival Hub and support 2 touring productions. Around the Parish Hall we will welcome 7 Associate Artists, 5 Writers in Residence, 20 Student Ambassadors and 1 Theatre Company in Residence.

And of course, we welcome you. Many thanks to the artists, volunteers, staff, board and community who ensure Theatre Works remains relevant, vibrant and authentic.

Dianne Toulson, General Manager

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