Christmas. 1914. Broken Hill – Australia is at war – The Anzacs are storming Gallipoli.

Amidst the turmoil of war, two people are secretly in love_Mullah Abdullah is a Turkish butcher of the Muslim faith, Molly Wilks is an usherette at the local picture house. As events tragically unfold, their relationship is torn apart by the prejudice and hatred that surrounds them.

On New Year’s Day, Abdullah and Gool Badsha, an ice-cream vendor, wait near the outskirts of Broken Hill for the Annual Manchester Unity Picnic Train. Beside them, their ice-cream cart is flying the Turkish flag. As the train approaches carrying hundreds of families in open carriages to the New Year’s Day festivities, Abdullah and Gool draw two old rifles from their ice-cream cart and open fire.

The smallest army in history has declared war on Australia.

SIEGE is based on an untold true story.

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