PRICE CHECK! THE MUSICAL is a new Australian musical comedy about the dysfunctional lives of four suburban employees working in an Independent Melbourne supermarket.


Mr Butler is a profit hungry store manager struggling with a bad dance routine and a bitter divorce.

Narelle Sims is a widowed checkout chick dealing with unexpected life circumstances and her love of younger men.

Zayeeb Dash is a migrant with a strange fetish for fruit and vegetables and is trying to adapt to a new country and the strange Aussie vernacular.

David Fisher is a geeky store assistant flaunting his arts degree about like a weapon hoping for an in house promotion.

Mrs Zimmerman is an elderly Jewish patron suffering from loneliness and bad bout of sharp tongue.


Five quirky characters all on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a broadway song, perhaps all they need now to make life better is a… PRICE CHECK!

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