PLAYING SHOP is a performance, an exhibition and ashop for children aged 6-10 and people who identify as adults.

Created by self-proclaimed child-hater Nicola Gunnand super-enviro-mum Nat Cursio, PLAYING SHOP is an art shop where the bodies of two ‘real’ artists onoffer as canvases (Gunn and Cursio), and with the guidance of a mini-labour-force of child-agents, child-critics and child-shop-keepers, people of any age are invited to become the art makers.

A mischievous and adventurous consideration of consumerism, child labour, aesthetic value and anarchy, PLAYING SHOP provocatively questions whether the value of the experience outweighs the waste produced in its creation.

We give them something to do; they give us art.

It will get messy.

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