PERPETUAL FRUSTRATION MACHINE is a raw thrust into the human drives of our desires, combining text and the physical discipline of circus. Co-creators, Stephen Sewell and Zebastian Hunter, have imagined a circus drama that explores desire for the unattainable.

“Our Desire, this destructive void seeks completion in our modern modes of success: recognition, money, violence, sex and domestic bliss. We all want everything and we want it now.”

PERPETUAL FRUSTRATION MACHINE features a startling array of acts – Glass Walking, Handstands, Contortion, Acrobatics, Aerial Hoop, Roue Cyr, Dart Throwing, Table Slides, Juggling and much more – all used to express the extreme depths of our modern affliction.

Comical, poignant, frenetic and poetic this joyous dance of daring circus invites you to cavort along with us as we seek release from this ecstatic prison of our own making.

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