Supported by a raucous chorus of original music by Louise Mothersole, Rachel Mars and four belting female singers come at you with a hilarious, dark show about the hidden workings of one of our uglier emotions. Our Carnal Hearts is a gleeful, thrilling and murky celebration of envy, competitive spirits and all the times we fuck each other over. A combination of performance, comedy, a singing lesson and a conjuring ritual, the show feels like five women have rocked up in your town, inviting you to a beautiful and boisterous theatrical ceremony.

OUR CARNAL HEARTS is a celebration of envy, a joyous call for everyone we’ve ever wanted to be and everything we’ve ever wanted to own. A place to whoop at our own fragility and delight against our better nature. A toast to our competitive spirits and a rumbling dance for the ugly gutter-tramping parts of our souls. A show that seeks to prove that envy makes us better. That politicians are right: that its spirit runs through our hearts, lymph systems and bowels and it’s glorious and we wouldn’t want it any other way.



Rachel Mars is based in the UK and is a performance maker and writer with a background in theatre, live art and comedy. Her work explores the idiosyncratic cultural and political constructs that inform the way we are together, as people, just trying to figure it all out.

Her work is text and action based. The text is sharp, witty and observational, often referencing and sending up modes of popular culture. It is poetic but comprehensible, leaving enough space for an audience to insert their own personal experiences. It interweaves personal reflection with universal questions, those of politics, identity and place.

The body of her practice is a site of personal histories, inherited behaviours and cultural expectations – both true and invented. A lot of influences are Jewish and Queer. Many of my performative images play on the smallness of my frame, and the way that my cultural heritage has written itself large on my face without my consent. My performances have involved eating as many twiglets as possible in a bid to grow a family tree in my guts, escapology acts, and small feats of – or attempts to improve – physical strength. Influences include – Curious, Ken Dodd, Morecambe and Wise, Lisa Kron, Bobby Baker and Gob Squad.



Invenio is an innovative large ensemble of improvising and contemporary singers, experimenting with the typical vocal group/choral form through conceptual composition, extended vocal technique, fluid improvising, choreographed movement and inventive performance. The singers of Invenio are selected from a pool of exciting contemporary singers who are all active performers, teachers and composers on the Melbourne scene.

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