Charles is a Millennial who wants to have kids, live in Spring Street speculation ‘The Dream’, and for his lover Dan to hold his hand in public. Jodie is Charles’ assistant. She’s new in town. She can’t control her own human instincts but wants to take her industrial design to the next level.

A rock and roll comedy featuring property development, new love, sex tapes, divorce and a ’67 Mustang, LIFETIME GUARANTEE is a brutal anthem exploring inexplicable love in a punishing world.

The production sees acclaimed Australian playwright Ross Mueller continue his search for truth and humour in places others might not look. His 2009 play CONCUSSION won the New York New Dramatists Playwright exchange and ran a season to critical acclaim at Sydney Theatre Company.

In LIFETIME GUARANTEE, he teams up with multi-award winning Theatre Works Creative Director John Sheedy for a biting comedy fuelled by urgency, honesty, anger, sex and alienation.

In a market of hot speculation, the council still hasn’t approved.

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