After stimulating seasons at Adelaide and Melbourne Fringes, Isabel Hertaeg returns to Edinburgh with hercomical cabaret romp.

LA PETITE MORT – THE ORGASM is a seductive, skillful study of sex and science. Through scandalous story and song, Isabel shares with us her vast carnal knowledge, including the little-known 6th Century contraceptive of cat’s liver tied to a woman’s ankle, the hypothesis that having regular orgasms can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and the conception of the vibrator as a medical instrument to cure hysteria – an invention preceding the vacuum cleaner by nine years. From her research, much first-hand, Isabel explores the idea of intercourse as a possible cure for hiccups, and the latest scientific studies concluding that being in love is comparable to having obsessive-compulsive disorder thus, in theory, treatable with Prozac.

LA PETITE MORT – THE ORGASM is a fast-paced blend of sultry songs and shocking stories that will leave you have you squirming, blushing, laughing and crying. Accompanying the sexual savant on stage is pianist Paul Trueblood, collaborator with Anita Ellis, Lois Hunt and Marianne Faithfull, recording their CD 20th Century Blues live in Paris. Hailed as “Musical genius” – Arts Hub (Australia), La Petite Mort – The Orgasm culminates in one of the most educational, and arousing, evenings one could spend. “Strap yourself in for a night out with cabaret artist Isabel Hertaeg” – The Age (Australia)

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