When you’re about to lose control, you need a distraction, an escape. On a difficult anniversary day, Andy immerses himself in a city that shares his sorrow. Can he regain his sense of humour and keep his head above water before it’s too late?

I LOVE NEW YORK is a show which uses stage and screen to present serious subject matter in a unique and refreshing way. It will be a one-man show, where the main character will interact with actors and events on screen.

Held at St Kilda’s Theatre Works, I LOVE NEW YORK aims to give Melbourne’s theatre and film scene something new and original for this year’s Fringe Festival.

The production results from the most recent collaboration between Dale Menz and Shawn Taggart, who have work together on films, plays and comedy. I LOVE NEW YORK‘s protagonist, Andy, will be played by Menz, a character whom he developed while in New York last year.


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