Lowe’s internationally acclaimed one-man play is a startling and savage voyage into the US porn industry. In a series of compelling vignettes, HOMME FATALE charts the progress and regress of porn star Joey Stefano. It’s unsafe, unnerving and primed to explode!

Not a moment is wasted; each and every second fizzes with dirty dialogue, inventive direction and pitch-perfect performance. The Joey Stefano story is the classic rags to riches… and back to rags again – a grim, evocative and sometimes hilarious portrait of the American Dream gone berserk.

Stefano, the James Dean of porno, is a bona fide 20th century icon. Stefano became the fantasy for a whole. Stefano may have lived fast and died young, but he left anything but a beautiful corpse. But like James Dean, he lives on through his films. Today, Joey Stefano is more popular dead than he was alive. He continues to command a huge wide and diverse following. His videos continue to sell and his image is one of the most frequently posted on the internet.

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