“In life, our fucks must be spent on something”


In life, we only have a limited amount of fucks to give.

It’s time to spend them on something important.

With foot-stomping musical numbers, electrifying dance acts,  impossible circus feats, gender-smash-ing drag and provocative live art, GIVE A F*CK CABARET is a riotous call-to-action. It’s time to give a f*ck about what really matters

Spurned on by living in a country and culture which is infamous for its political apathy (Nauru/Manus – Who? What? “She’ll be right mate”), this is a cabaret presenting acts which are about either ‘not giving a fuck’ (about what others think of you or about the small essentially irrelevant things in life) or ‘giving a fuck’ (about the things that really need our attention!).

Its time to get serious. Its time to get dancing. It’s time to get laughing. These are the only ways forward. It’s time to Give A Fuck!

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