GENIUS is an interactive Live Art event, presented in the form of a curated Expo. Hosted and activated by six young people aged 20 years and under, hosts contain exceptional expertise on one ‘peak interest’ and all sit on the autism spectrum.

By placing young people who are often overlooked into a position of leadership, GENIUS asks, what we can learn from people who are able to see life through an alternative lens and are more often than not disregarded as sources of expertise? This important work will celebrate, recognise and value the unique voices that sit within our community,highlighting the perspective of the minority and enhancing a culture of understanding and awareness around disability.

GENIUS invites audiences to partake in a number of immersive one on one encounters, where the “genius” presents their unique perspective on a topic of their expertise. A selection of topics may include; Royal Families of the World, Trains or Weather Patterns, and will range from the unique, informative to thought provoking.

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