Meet Morrey, the blind caretaker who loathes his guests! Wait with faded star Sheila for ‘that’ phone call from her agent. Listen to Freddie Finally’s jokes and realise why he didn’t get to Edinburgh! Try to understand the lilt of Welsh freedom fighter Gareth, who’s lost his passport. Ponder the motives of real estate agent Nick… did he buy the building Why? Work out Liz’s guilty secret! Investigate the gorilla suit in Rosie’s cupboard!

The audience moves from room to room as the play unfolds and they piece together the story. The audience is divided into three groups for this purpose, and they gather together for the final scene in the TV Lounge to witness the last Happy Hour at the Linga Longa!

FULL HOUSE is the latest comedy from Paul Davies, who wrote the highly successful Living Rooms, On Shifting Sandshoes, and Storming St Kilda By Tram, the mobile hit of the 1988 Comedy Festival!

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