There are four tales, performed by six actors, using puppets, masks, music, singing, movement. The tales were written by Ken Harper, who also directs the show and they are a wonderful amalgam of folk tale, fantasy and good old yarn-spinning! All have a sea/beach thread linking them.

At Theatre Works, the tales will be presented in pairs, in two separate shows, each of an hour’s duration.



THE ALBATROSS WAITRESS is a story about a waitress who works with her mother in a small cafe. Through feeding a wandering albatross, she is given the ability to turn into an albatross herself and she leaves the cafe to live the life of the great birds.

THE DOG’S BREAKFAST is a story about a boy who is instructed in the arts of being a dog by the local dog pack, in exchange for his helping the dogs in a little problem they have with the local dog-catcher!

THE WORLD BELOW THE SAND is a story told to a child about a community of people who build a ‘map of the world’ wading pool as a monument to their communal past and future, then lose it in time as it is neglected and buried in sand.

MENDEL’S ENCHANTED MERRY-GO-ROUND is the story of a Jewish man who comes to make his home in Australia. He sets up a merry-go-round at a seaside funfair… The merry-go-round is enchanted and magical things occur!

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