If you thought the events depicted in such tragic pop songs as “Delilah”,”Leader of the Pack”, “Dark Lady” and “I Did What I Did For Maria” were just the product of some songwriter’s feverish imagination, then think again. The stories were real and the people were real. Beneath the dramatic deliveries of such anguished artists as Tom Jones, the Shangri-Las, Cher and Tony Christie lurk true tales of obsession, heartbreak, betrayal and revenge that can have only one outcome: death.

It’s tragic.


Now, for the first time ever, find out what really happened. Learn what drove a respectable pillar of the community to madness and murder. Discover the facts behind the notorious “Carnival of Carnage.” Witness the events that lead to a teenage tragedy. Look into the mind of a crazed assassin. You’ll be shocked. You’ll be appalled. You’ll be thrilled and you’ll love it.

Impro Melbourne, producers of such popular improvised presentations as “Theatresports”, proudly present their first scripted show DEAD TRAGIC. Devised using an improvised process, DEAD TRAGIC is a melodramatic fantasia that is scary, funny, sad and, of course, terribly, terribly tragic.

DEAD TRAGIC is not a musical.

There’s nothing to sing about here.

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