CUT SNAKE is a contemporary Australian work with a language that is recognisable and colloquial as well as heightened and lyrical. The play deals with potentially difficult subjects using a light touch, finding the madness and magic in the stories of three extraordinary characters.

Can anyone – especially a teenager – ever get over the death of a loved one? How do you live an extraordinary life in an ordinary world? How do you maintain a connection with your friends? How can you look to the future with hope when the adult world seems so depressing? CUT SNAKE explores these questions in a truthful and complex way. The story begins with Jumper narrating his own death in a bus accident in Asia, and then goes forward and back in time as we learn more about him, his friends and what effect his death has had on them. Three actors present multiple characters in a performance that includes physical theatre, dance, direct address, character transformation and cross-gender casting.

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