CUNVERSATIONS takes us on a journey that’s poetic, sharp, shrewd, funny in its darkest moments and poignant at its most humorous. From stylized, lyrical poetry, to straight-talking, hard-hitting monologues, CUNVERSATIONS does not set out to titillate or shock: it asks us to confront who we’ve been and who we are now.

Dynamic duologues, voices, men, women, interacting with each other, talking about each other,trying to find themselves as they navigate their ways through sex, secrets, infidelity, love,and life. An innovative team of vibrant theatre makers, a post-modernist landscape that is an intense fusion of language, sound, and physicality.

Cutting-edge, sexy, fresh and bold, Gaylene Carbis’ work is visceral writing that leaps all over the place without ever settling for easy truths or answers. This is work that probes contemporary culture, challenging us to look into ourselves and really see our ugliness. And our beauty. And how the stories we tell ourselves are never the whole story.

“Her work is theatre that enters, touches us and opens us. Reading Gaylene’s work,I remembered why I got involved in theatre in the first place” – Director, Lucy Freeman

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