A riotous, queered-up version of one of the greatest Greek tragedies, Sophocles’ ANTIGONE X, comes crashing on the shores of St. Kilda and into Theatre Works.

Produced by Zeb Fontaine Theatre and written and directed by award-winning artist, Zachary Dunbar, this contemporary work is a tragic farce which pokes serious fun at contemporary issues and politics. In the Midsumma tradition of mayhem and spectacle, ANTIGONE X is a head-banging Aussie cocktail of gender, queer agendas, genetics, and political leadership.

With beach balls, budgy smugglers, and narration from a washed up Cabaret singer replicating that of Taylor Mac after a hurricane, this world premiere piece of theatre offers the perfect balance of queer culture and fun in the (fake) sun. Audiences can expect to see a Tony Abbott-like leader’s failed attempt to clone a ‘Chorus’ of superior young men from his DNA, and to force his feminist niece into creating the next generation of XYs – along with many more tales of fanfare throughout the show!

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