This age old dilemma continues to wrestle many a soul.

Set in contemporary Melbourne, this original Australian play parallels the lives of Lucy Hamilton, a young actress, and Wally Stern, a wholesale refrigerator salesman. Both work diligently for a life less ordinary but neither is succeeding in their separate pursuits of Art and Avarice.

Indian elephant fables provide a subliminal chorus to this modern day fable as the lives of Wally and Lucy collide and collude. Ultimately, it is the chaos and turmoil of their circumstances that bring them wisdom, solutions and success to their big life dilemmas.

AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM┬áis an original Australian play written by New Zealand – born playwright, Robert Gough. Starring American stage and screen actor, Bill Ten Eyck, An Elephant in the Room offers local audiences a refreshing and entertaining night at the theatre with its lively dialogue and intriguing plot building to a surprise-filled climax.

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