Stars in his eyes, a derelict ageing twink moves to London on a theatrical whim. Chaos ensues, his life becoming an intoxicating vortex of sex, drugs and deceit.

His gateway to this treacherous world is the mysterious PC, an international man of mystery, a money launderer and a fraud. He promises fame but delivers breakdown.

Meanwhile the people are revolting, on a scale we’ve never witnessed before, and it is his relationship with Nick, the young revolutionary, that just might save him.

ALIBI is a new play by the recording artist and theatre maker Willing whose past dramatic outings include ‘The Gathering’, ‘Gaga V Assange’ and ‘Pop | Press’. Known for his horny bangers and devastating ballads, Willing returns to the stage with his first theatrical work in years. A series of soliloquies ordered in a patchy attempt at linearity with original songs by the artist himself.

ALIBI (OR SOMEPLACE ELSE) is a play for a society in crisis. His most confessional piece, it is also Willing’s most dishonest, for the central concern is the magnetism of the theatrical lie in a world that is done with truth.

But at its heart this is a love story. A queer romance that swings from violence to tenderness in moments, dealing with issues of addiction, punishment and ultimately the radical act of forgiveness.

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