Friday night at last, the end of another boring working week… and two groups of office workers converge on a suburban pub-bistro, grimly deter­mined to have a good time.

Monika is late… guess which page is missing from her Melways? Paula would rather be seated closer to the band. Dympie misinterprets conversation overheard from the next table. Gordon wants some­one to talk to after his recent marriage breakup. Stephen’s idea of a good time does not include listening to Gordon!

Will the waiter ever serve them? Why is Monika locked in the loo? Will Brendan ever get there? Who will go off with whom? Or will they end up alone, just like every other Friday night?

AFTER DINNER takes a funny, sometimes cruel, yet sympathetic, look at people caught up in the banality of routine office jobs, desperately seeking a good time, and perhaps someone to share it with.

AFTER DINNER premiered at La Mama and had a return season at Theatreworks before going on to another season at the Universal Theatre in Fitzroy.

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