We would love for you to join us for ABUNDANCE 2018, a night of entertainment and gourmet food by Claypots – all in support of Theatre Works.

Hosted by the magnetic Jan van de Stool, the evening is bound to leave you short of breath before you’ve finished your first glass of wine.

ABUNDANCE 2018 will also feature performances from the multi-talented musical sensations Brenton Spiteri, Jude Perl  plus the comedic genius of Damian Callinan (TV, Film and Stand-Up Comedian) . This evening’s one-of-a-kind festivities will be rounded off by live music and a DJ, turning the evening into a party that will stay with you for years to come!

The night will also include a silent auction, with all proceeds supporting Theatre Works to inspire more people to discover, create and love theatre.

At only $130 a ticket, ABUNDANCE 2018 is a night you can’t afford to miss. We invite you to be a part of an evening to remember, but more importantly, we invite you to play an integral part in supporting Australian independent theatre.

See you in September

Hosted By:

Jan Van De Stool

Featuring Performances By:

Jan van de Stool (aka Queenie Van De Zandt)
Damian Callinan
Brenton Spiteri
Jude Perl
Mark Jones & Melissa Langton
Chelsea Plumley & James Roche
Dakota Fann’ee appearing as Marilyn Monroe

Music by Pilgrim Age


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