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In Conversation with Luisa Scrofani

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Following their sensational performance in the premiere season of Senser in 2022, we welcome back Luisa Scrofani to Theatre Works this April. We chat about Pear-Shaped, a new play by Miranda Middleton and Ziggy Resnick, inspired by the classic books by Lewis CarroLl. Q: Without giving away any spoilers, what can you tell us about Pear-Shaped?

A: It's so great to be back on the Theatre Works stage! Audiences are in for a treat with Pear-Shaped - it's this really interesting combination of naturalistic theatre and completely abstract, whimsical nonsense and joy! At the heart of it, there's a beautiful story about two sisters, trying their best to find each other and themselves again.

Q: What have you most enjoyed about the development and rehearsal process so far?

A: I've been so lucky to be part of the development of Pear-Shaped for the last 18 months, so I've seen *so* many different versions of this show. Miranda and Ziggy have been so open to molding the script around the actor's voices and natural instinct, so a lot of my character Kayla is grounded in offers I've made in the room and exploration of the text. I love that I can bring this character to life, as an extension of myself. It's a treat as an actor for words to fall out of your mouth second-nature!

Q: Do you have any tips on how to safely approach challenging and sensitive content when preparing for a character?

A: Making a really clear distinction of where the character ends and I begin. I always take my watch and ring off before rehearsing this play - that's a very clear physical manifestation that I'm not being "me". Also, maintaining an open dialogue with your fellow creatives about anything that feels a little tricky on any given week, day or hour is helpful to ensure extra support.

Q: Can you give us a hint of what the world in Pear-Shaped, designed by Grace Deacon, will look like?

A: You can expect many surprises lurking inside the set - a bit of a fun house, if you will! Our fantastic lighting designer Aron Murray helps to bring the set to life as well with the *most* creative design that really will feel like Wonderland.

Q: If your character could sing a song to capture the essence of their journey in the play, what would it be?

A: Field Below - Regina Spektor

Q: Who do you think Pear-Shaped with most resonate with?

A: Anybody with a sibling. Anybody who has been touched by mental illness, or knows someone that has - and these days, that's most people. Anybody who loves cake! Pear-Shaped by Miranda Middleton & Ziggy Resnick 5-15 April | Theatre Works BOOK HERE


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