Midsumma 2020 At Theatre Works

We out in St Kilda vibin’ y’all. Midsumma at Theatre Works has been a bop, you know? This Bitter Earth, Poorly Drawn Shark, and Birdoir have all finished their runs unfortunately, if you came and saw them you don’t need us to tell you that it was a time, and if you didn’t see them, there’s no point in me telling you how much you missed out on.

BUT WAIT! Tonight, our last two Midsumma shows are opening. Their runs are short and tickets are limited so act fast. New Balance is a show about the universality of the queer experience, while Leopard Print Loincloth is all about the prickly state of modern Australian masculinity.


Cheap Tickets

It’s 2020, Theatre Works is turning 40, you know what that means… Convoluted faux math equations from the guys in marketing to justify cheap tickets for all. 20 + 20 = 40 years and also 20 shows with $20 tickets. Get online and book your $20 tickets, now more affordable than avocado on toast #WOw


Upcoming Shows

Did you think a venue with ‘Theatre’ in its name would only do Theatre? Think again because this Sunday we’ve got a FREE Battle of the bands with some funky local musicians. Grab some wine and a friend and we’ll see you at 3:30pm this Sunday for a 4pm start.

After that, opening on Feb 19th, is The Great Australian Play. It’s a G’day Fantasia on National Themes and a psychedelic romp through the myths of our glorious nation’s past, present and imagined future. And guess what, tickets are only $20, so get around it mate.

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