Mentorship Story – Stephen Nicolazzo and Sarahlouise Younger

Recently, Theatre Works had the privilege of putting Associate Artist, Sarahlouise Younger in touch with Little Ones Theatre’s Stephen Nicolazzo for a safe place to ask the hard questions when it comes to company ownership, curating, directing, pitching, dramaturgy, show creation and more. Little did we know, we were also connecting a pair of old friends.

“Sarahlouise  and I met in high school, when I was a back stage hand on a production of Fiddler on the Roof after a terrible turn performing in the chorus of Pirates of Penzanze the year before,” says Stephen Nicolazzo. “I was not made for the stage. Behind the scenes, fine. She helped me through adolescence in ways that irrevocably shaped my adult self, as both an artist and a human being.

“To have the opportunity to repay the favour all these years later through the Theatre Works mentorship program is testament to the brilliant ways this company can connect (and in this case RE-connect) artists (and old friends!) and foster meaningful relationships. Sarah’s passion and drive to create works fusing music, biography, and unique cultural perspectives, incorporating the music of their late father, has been extraordinary to support and discover.

“Its exciting to tease ideas out together, to share war stories and do so with ease and trust. Mentorship is about learning from each other, and I am super pleased to be able to learn more about SL and their work through this program and hopefully assist this incredible artist in their already upward trajectory to world domination. I really mean that. If you have ever heard SL sing or move on a stage, you already know what I’m talking about!”

Sarahlouise had this to say about her mentoring experience with Stephen:

“Stephen provides another set of eyes to my company and has provided solutions which have transformed its inner-workings as well as giving me the confidence to acknowledge and celebrate its growth as a theatre collective. I am very grateful to Theatre Works for this incredible opportunity and to Stephen for being so generous with his knowledge.”



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