Meet the Team: Singing Swallows

Singing Swallows by Romi Kupfer was originally slated to premiere at Theatre Works from 17 – 25 April. Although postponed, we are excited to host this vital, beautiful piece at Theatre Works in the future. This week, we shine the spotlight on the artists who have been developing Singing Swallows, and celebrate what they have achieved so far.


ROMI KUPFER – Producer, Creator, Director, Performer

Romi Kupfer is a contemporary theatre maker, director and producer. Romi’s practice has evolved since 2013 through practical experience collaborating with companies, artists and communities as well as theatre training. Romi holds a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Honours) from Monash University and a Masters of Directing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.

Romi’s work stems from urgent thoughts, experiences and understandings that happen in her life. Often conceptually driven by ideas around culture and identity, mental health, female spaces and power dynamics. More often than not, Romi devises her work in collaboration with other artists. Romi’s work is heavily inspired by physical movement and dance.

As her practice continues, Romi is driven by creating inclusive and accessible theatrical experiences for both artists and audience members. She has strong relationships with access consultants and encourages collaborations that implement aesthetic access.

Romi is drawn to working with young people in the arts. She believes there is urgency to creating spaces for young people’s voices through artistic practice. And therefore facilitates workshops, and creates performances with and for young people.

Alongside directing and theatre-making, Romi produces and project-manages creative works as a creative producer.

After touring Singing Swallows to multiple Jewish schools, Romi is excited for this meaningful show to have its premiere at Theatre Works.


Flora starred in Solaris at the Malthouse in 2019 (Director Mathew Lutton). She has previously featured in Exquisite Corpse, a virtual reality film directed by Amiel Courtin-Wilson for MIFF 2018. She has also been involved in print and television advertising. Flora is a member of the House of Muchness, training under founder and artistic director Alex Walker, is studying ballet at the National Theatre Ballet School and circus at NICA.

Flora is very pleased to be part of the Singing Swallows project. She values stories as a means of transmission of information. The themes of this show resonate with Flora and her family history.

Flora loves to sing and climb trees and is very concerned about climate change.

SOL FELDMAN – Performer

Sol is a passionate young performer, training with Alex Walker at The House of Muchness. Sol performed the lead in Fraught Outfit’s Book of Exodus part One and Two at Theatre Works (Dir. Adena Jacobs) in 2017. More recently he toured Tasmania for the Ten Days on the Island festival with The Children’s Party in 2019 (Dir. Alex Walker and Ben Landau) as well as performing at the Melbourne Town Hall in 2019. Sol played Finn in Patalog Theatre Company’s performance of Tusk Tusk at St Martins in 2019 (Dir. Ruby Rees).

Sol has also completed numerous short films and commercials and is currently in development with Aaron Orzech, Jo Lloyd, Adena Jacobs and Alex Walker for a new work to be performed in October 2020 at Arts House.

Sol has enjoyed being part of the Singing Swallows ensemble. The show has been a meaningful experience for him as he is a believer in the power of stories to connect us all.

Sol is, among other things, a passionate sportsman and a keen reader.


JOHN COLLOPY – Lighting Designer

John Collopy is a lighting designer, set designer, and theatre technician. He has worked with directors such as Susie Dee, Suzanne Heywood, Yvonne Virsik, and Fleur Kilpatrick, and has seconded Emma Valente on JOAN (THE RABBLE), and Little Emperors (Malthouse); Govin Ruben on Come Away with Me to the End of the World (Malthouse); and assisted Katie Sfetkidis on Dracula and Merciless Gods (Little Ones Theatre), and The Moors (Red Stitch).

JUSTIN GARDAM – Sound Designer

Justin Gardam is a sound designer, composer, and graduate of Monash University’s Bachelor of Performing Arts. His audio work includes Catherine: the body politic (La Mama), Hurlyburly (Q44 Theatre), In the Mens (La Mama), The Other Place, (Fortyfivedownstairs), True West (Matchstick), Slaughterhouse Five (MUST), Welcome to Nowhere (Monash/Malthouse), and Julius Caesar (Essential Theatre), which is currently touring to Edinburgh Fringe after successful seasons in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Find out more information about the production of Singing Swallows here. 

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