MEET OUR REPLANTED ARTISTS: Fabio Motta & John Tummino

In preparation for our upcoming REPLANTED festival, we decided to sit down and get to know the creatives behind each of these exciting and innovative works. In preparation for their upcoming clowning satire, SPOT, get ready to meet Fabio Motta and John Tummino.

Who are you and what do you?

FM: I am an actor and teaching artist who likes to play and create things with people.

JT: Co-deviser, director and I also mark out the floor during rehearsals.

Star sign:

FM: Scorpio – watch out!

JT: Sagittarius with a Capricorn rising. I might have actual hooves instead of feet.

Highlight of 2020:

FM: Getting to grow kale and broccolini on my balcony and then making a great veggie pasta with it. Yum!!

JT:I had a really wonderfull bowl of gnocchi with spicy sausage and cabbage sometime in early October.

Favourite lockdown guilty pLEAsure:

JT: My guilty pleasure is Red Rock Deli salt & vinegar chips with gorgonzola. 

What are you watching?

JT: My weight.

What are you reading?

JT: The fine print.

What are you listening to?

JT: My heart – that could be cholesterol though.

When you’re not being creative, what could we expect to find you doing?

JT: Watering the pot plants and feeding the dog.

In one sentence, give us the 411 on your work in our REPLANTED festival:

JT: It’s a little embarrassing but I have no idea what ‘the 411’ means?

FM: I also don’t know what a 411 is …is it a telephone number?

Tell us a little bit about the rehearsal process so far…

FM: It feels like I am pregnant and I am about to give birth… The rehearsal process has been lots of play, questioning, madness, deep conversations (I mentioned I was a scorpio) lots of laughter…and at times lots of tears (mostly from me).

JT: It’s been a process of discovery. It’s presented me with a different and more complex understanding of what otherness means. The journey toward some sense of truth has thrown up as much absurdity and trauma as it has humour. It’s been a very rich  and rewarding experience. 


SPOT will run from the 27th -31st of January. For the inside scoop on the rehearsal process so far, give the creative team a follow via their instagram page @spottheplay

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