MEET OUR REPLANTED ARTISTS: Ellen Wiltshire and Ebony Rattle

In preparation for our upcoming REPLANTED festival, we decided to sit down and get to know the creatives behind each of these highly anticipated shows. This week it is our pleasure to introduce you to writer / director duo Ellen Wiltshire and Ebony Rattle as they give us the inside scoop on all things Ring, Ring!

Who are you and what do you?

Ebony: writer, director, sound engineer extraordinaire.

Ellen: director & writer!

Star sign:

Ebony: Aries

Ellen: Cancer

In one sentence, give us the 411 on your work in our REPLANTED festival:

If an Agatha Christie novel was adapted into a play by Bertolt Brecht on LSD.

Favourite lockdown guilty pleasure:

Ebony: binging Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ellen: Tinned paella.

What are you watching?

Ellen: Movies I’ve seen as a youngin’ but have since forgotten like Waking Ned Devine, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and The Castle.

What are you reading?

Ebony: Patti Smith – Year of the Monkey

Ellen: How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy by Jenny Odell

What are you listening to?

Ebony: I have been listening almost exclusively to my carefully curated list of late 50s/early 60s pop hits while in rehearsal for the show. Some people will probably say I’m crazy, but it helps me get in the zone while doing a historical piece.

Covid Safe Rehearsals in November.
When you’re not being creative, what could we expect to find you doing?

Ellen: Making pantry pasta and enjoying small talk.

Highlight of 2020:

Ebony: Probably the Zoom Meeting with Theatre Works telling us we’re doing a show…

Ellen: I second Ebony- creating a virtual creative team for this project and learning it would have legs!

Tell us a little bit about the rehearsal process so far…

Ebony: Extremely painful but ultimately satisfying. Ellen and I actually never met in person until the first week of November even though we’d been collaborating since July. We did all writing, early rehearsals and workshops on Zoom, which was incredibly challenging, then moved into the physical space in November, and now we’re here!

What does 2021 hold for you?

Ebony: The only thing for me right now is Ring, Ring! in January then… Sleep.

Ellen: The clink of glassware and toasts!


Ring, Ring! will open our Replanted festival on the 5th of January. You can learn more about Ellen, Ebony and their exciting bodies of work via their websites below!

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