Meet our Artists | Tanya Gerstle

This April, Theatre Works is transforming into a hub for performing arts, hosting a Masterclass Series led by some of Melbourne’s most innovative artists and companies including OpticNerve Performance Group. We sat down with Artistic Director Tanya Gerstle to hear more about the unique method of ‘Pulse’ training.

How does the creative process at Optic Nerve differ from traditional theatre making?
The OpticNerve process is actor centred rather than director driven. The actors involved are verbally and physically fluid and work with a performance making sensibility.  The process demands ensemble practice where collaboration is through action on the floor rather than discussion. The ensemble of actors and director explore and create the imaginative world and through line of character in the first half of rehearsal. The conventional ‘blocking’ or staging of the work, usually done in the first weeks takes place in the final week of rehearsal.


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