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10 February 2019

Take over Theatre Works and bring your creative queer ideas to life.

QUEER QUICKIES is an inclusive and open event for all LGBTIQA+ artists, writers, wordsmiths, choreographers, and theatre-makers.

QUEER QUICKIES invites you to read through an excerpt from a script or a play that you are writing, or to show something from work in development. Read alone and let your words do the talking, or enlist the help of actors to embody your characters. You could show a movement sequence, or sing some songs. Whatever you decide, the Theatre Works stage is yours.

Later in the evening Theatre Works will transform into a final night party. Come and celebrate the Midsumma with cocktails, dancing beats and a fantabulous Theatre Works party.


Written and Performed by

Theatre Works presents

Queer Quickies 2019

By Various Queer Artists

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