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25 – 27 September 2018

Step into the pit with Rough Conduct, an immersive world of visual and physical performance that interrogates how we tend to our personal baggage, and questions the burdens we claim to bare.

Hesitating in its questions and visceral in its responses, DEADWEIGHT. is a physical exploration of the internal, layering powerful movement with dialogue, poetry and spoken word.

"Unencumbered by the burdens self indulgence - this striking young ensemble have embraced a certain archaeology in their performance - uncovering delicately and carefully truths we all must hear."

"Deadweight. is a poetic and visceral meditation on the things we carry, the burdens we bear and that which is difficult to let go of. This ensemble of performers work together with intimacy and integrity, displaying an honesty, discipline and courage that is impressive. They have delved into the big questions of life to produce a theatrical experience of great impact. The work has a powerful physicality. It heaves and strains and then has moments of levity and delicacy that lift it, and us, to a place of quieter contemplation. Rough Conduct is an ensemble of emerging artists with something to say."

60 minutes no interval

Moderate Coarse Language | Adult Themes (Staged Violence) | Depression | Trauma

Theatre Works & Rough Conduct present


A Theatre Works Fringe Event

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