Archive Feature: The Three Graces

The daughters of Zeus are a legacy from a different time. An artistic symbol of what humans have chosen to preserve, what humans have valued in the past, and what humans think should endure into the future.

Set at a tipping point, in a world of shifting morals, The Three Graces explores the tension between our personal responsibility to the future, and our collective desperation to transform ourselves into something worthy of preservation. Can we live a valuable life under the weight of the legacies we’ve inherited? Who has the right to make their mark on this earth? And how much time do we have left before this all evaporates?

Carved straight from the epic traditions of Greek theatre, The Three Graces is drama on a grand scale. With striking visuals and amplified physical performances produced by Melbourne theatre company, The Anchor, The Three Graces will plunge audiences straight into the gearshift of the twenty-first century.

Co-founded in 2015 by NIDA graduates – Directors Jessica Arthur and Katie Cawthorne and Playwright Laura LethleanThe Anchor Theatre Company has produced work in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne. The company strives to create authentic stories representing differing perspectives. They aim to open up space for conversation around ideas that people are not always comfortable discussing, but are very comfortable judging.

This project is supported by Australia Council Catalyst, Creative Victoria, Playwriting Australia and the City of Port Phillip.


Read more about The Three Graces here.

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