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Gentlemen Prefer Blokes

Date: 21 Jan 2010 – 24 Jan 2010

Screen sirens Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell had it all! They were glamorous, could belt out a tune and diamonds were their best friend. Fame, fortune and scores of suitors were inevitable. In the parallel universe of today, the girls are still glamorous belters with a penchant for diamonds, but with one not-so-little difference: these two little girls from Little Rock are two little boys from Darlinghurst.

Courtney Act and Trevor Ashley team forces and take on some of history’s greatest duos as only they can. This hysterical musical comedy stars Australia’s two brightest stars of drag together in a full show for the first time. Both Trevor and Courtney have toured the country and indeed the world with their solo shows, having both just returned from individual seasons in Europe. This unique show is set to create new standards as Act and Ashley sing live, perform sketches, appear in camp video sequences and dish out their own brand of stand up. Trevor and Courtney are sure to dazzle and with Phil Scott at the pen they are also sure to be, and cause, a riot. We know that ladies (and of course gentlemen) will definitely prefer these blokes.

Written by Phil Scott, Tony Taylor, Shane Jenek and Trevor Ashley.
Choreography by Cameron Mitchelll.

Maximum gags per minute. We grinned, we gasped, we giggled… it was great fun! 
Sydney Star Observer

A comic genius… flair, energy and originality

at the sans hotel

Date: 16 Mar 2010 – 27 Mar 2010

In an old shabby hotel, strewn with familiar remnants, a woman pieces together the fragments of a terrible crime she may or may not have committed. In another room a woman is having a bath. And outside a German woman is wandering in the desert.

A story that moves from sadness to humour, cruelty to tenderness, daylight to twilight.

Nicola Gunn is forging a reputation as a maker of compelling and virtuosic theatre, making tragic and harrowing experiences quite funny.

“I would watch Nicola Gunn shell peas.” THE AGE

“A breathtaking blend of satire and surrealism as if a Magritte painting had shuddered to life… Unforgettable theatre.”  

“At the Sans Hotel, playing at Theatre Works in St. Kilda, is one of the finest pieces of theatre put on in Melbourne for years… Go see this thing, as soon as you can. ”
Samantha Wilson  [Artshub]  23rd March 2010.

“There are many exquisite moments of physical theatricality … The performance completely disarms us and makes us laugh while taking us deeper into the experience of being disconnected from oneself… this play is so much more: different, really funny, authentic and astute, and honestly, honestly, marvelous”
Liza Dezfouli   [Australian Stage] 20th March 2010.

Created And Performed By: Nicola Gunn
Designed by:
 Gwendolyna Holmberg-Gilchrist and Nicola Gunn
Sound Designed by:
 Luke Paulding
Production managed by:
 Rebecca Etchell

The Exciting Adventures of Francis McCubbin: The Quest for an Arts Degree (with Honours)

Date: 31 Mar 2010 – 10 Apr 2010

A premier season presented by GreenBean Productions.

Francis McCubbin has ambition. He just hasn’t found it yet. With the GFC in full swing and fearing that his Arts degree in Roman Philosophy might be worthless, will an honours year provide the pathway to success he mildly desires? Will overdue library books crush his dreams? The world is at Francis’ feet; he just needs to find some shoes.

Written by Joshua Fisher and Michael Palethorpe
Performed by
 GreenBean Productions
Lighting design by
 Francesco Minniti and Harrison Cope
Costumes by
 Katherine Leeson
Cast and Crew:
 Harrison Cope, Joshua Fisher, Ryan Heath, Bronwyn Jones, Katherine Leeson, Veronica Mansueto, Francesco Minniti, Michael Palethorpe, Dee Dee Smith, Julian Walker, Emma J Leaver.

the jewish chronicles

Date: 31 Mar 2010 – 10 Apr 2010

Watchdog Communications together with Lawrence Jackson presents

The Jewish Chronicles starring Daniel Cainer, an Australian premiere and direct from sell-out seasons at London’s West End and Edingburgh Festival.

Every song tells a story, every story touches the heart

The Jewish Chronicles’ is a literal title: this is Daniel Cainer’s personal journey in comic songs about his family and the Jewish world. Frank without controversy, personal without confrontation or any trace of bitterness, Cainer has impressive vocal, musical and emotional range.

He’s warm, open, intimate, funny, as well as timely, exploring Jewishness in a turbulent 21st century. The songs are light but each is deeply felt; it’s not on-stage therapy or cheap laughs at the expense of religion and culture. Daniel shares – without judgement – what he has found while exploring his roots. The rousing finale during which Cainer seems to finally reach his full confidence and richest voice is a gentle reminder that comedy need not be cruel, and cultural exploration can have great tunes.

Uniting gentile and Jew through his honest style of storytelling, you’d have to be a schmuck to miss it!

Dress To Hide – The Story of a Straight Aussie Bloke

Date: 31 Mar 2010 – 11 Apr 2010

Rob Lo Bosco Productions brings to the stage it’s 5th play- Dress to Hide- the story of a straight Aussie bloke. A story based on a real man. A true and funny story. Rob Lo Bosco has put pen to paper again to deliver a funny and fast paced comedy play. This is his first comedy play to be written and performed.
Enough about him – lets learn a little more about the play!

Straight Aussie bloke, Trav, lives a simple life. He gets up every morning to a loving wife and his two boys and heads to chef at his local pub. His complicated family life lacks fun and adventure, with too many lows and not enough highs. Something is missing in his mundane existence. Home life is missing an element of fun and adventure. He needs a bit of excitement in this dreary life of his. He finds a way to bring back his smile – hiding in a dress – till he gets found out.

A Dress??? But he is straight. So?

Trav finds a way to bring back to life his sense of fun which in turn makes him a happy dad- and damn good in bed. But in turn finds himself in a real dilemma. How does he get out of this one?

A fun… oh and funny, story about Trav, his wife, the shrink, the kids, the pub, the mate and the crazy and sexy duo- Anastasia and Anablast! A wild bunch of characters for one short comedy festival play. How do they all come together? Come see for yourself in RL PRODUCTIONS debut, comedy festival play. You are in for a big surprise!

parkland avenue

Date: 14 Apr 2010 – 24 Apr 2010

COLLABORATION THE PROJECT & PROJECT Y premier their brand new works in one show!

It Sounds Silly…

“The events of our childhood make us who we are today, we would like to share them with you.”

In a night of two halves,
The 2nd Toe Dance Collective – James Andrews, Benjamin Hancock, Tyler Hawkins, Madeleine Krenek, Frankie Snowdon and Jo Vriensendorp choreograph PROJECT Y’slatest work, It Sounds Silly… featuring 28 dancers aged 12 – 22 years of age.

Shenayde Wilkinson-Sarti, Jennifer Wilson, Simone Wooley, Soloman Hill, Chloe Tipitidis, Alexandra Bircher, Courtney Katic, Emily Thorpe, Alisha Christie, Emma-Skye Tierney, Cynthia Melchiorre, Taylah Ritchie, Maddison McGoldrick, Brittany Thompson, Lakisha DiValentino, Amanda Mauceri, Hara Papoulias, Ash Barrett, Anna Cerreto, Jess Quinn, Elise Watson-Lord, Kylie Tung, Tanya nikolic, Krystal Lane, Alysha Harrison, Aaron M Lucy, Tatjana Kikuchi, and Meg Charles.

Following this is Collaboration The Project’s


PARKLAND AVENUE  is a tale of Companionship, Lust, Love, Jealousy and Sorrow.
Three friends watch their perfect relationship unravel violently around them.

Written and Choreographed by Paul Malek
Assistance by Adam Wheeler

Annabelle – Ashleigh Perrie
David – Brendan Yeates
Michael – Matt Holly

[title of show]

Date: 30 Apr 2010 – 15 May 2010

Magnormos presents the Australasian premiere of [title of show], the quirky new musical about a quirky new musical.

Broadway’s newest underground hit makes its premiere at Theatre Works… and yes [title of show] is the title of the show.
[title of show] contains mature language and content. also warns: “I wouldn’t recommend it to two groups: toddlers and stupid people.”

In 2004, two ‘nobodies in New York’ decided to enter the inaugural New York Music Theatre Festival. They had a deadline: three weeks, but were missing something important: a musical to submit. Undaunted, they simply wrote about writing a musical … about writing a musical. [title of show] gets its name from the first line of the festival’s application form, and the result is a refreshingly honest, and brutally hilarious look at setting important goals – and sticking to them. [title of show] is a tongue-in-cheek look at the creativity and the business of creating original art in a culture dominated by reality TV stars and revivals.

[title of show] follows Jeff, Hunter, Heidi and Susan (played on Broadway by the characters namesakes themselves) as they negotiate a musical theatre obstacle course of finding backers, generating publicity, and finally opening their original musical on Broadway [spoiler alert: it made it!]. Staged for Australian audiences by the same team of artists that created the productions of The Thing About Men and Mary Bryant, [title of show] follows the critically successful production of Life’s A Circus, nominated for three Green Room Awards including Best New Australian Musical.

hilarious‘ New York Times

sly, sassy and inspired‘ Entertainment Weekly

irresistible‘ NY Sun.

[title of show] plays for a limited season from May 3rd – 15th with previews from April 30th.

Directed by: Aaron Joyner
Musical Direction by: Sophie Thomas
Lighting Design: Lucy Birkinshaw

strike a pose

Date: 17 May 2010

[Industry Dance Fulltime Performing Arts Course]

An exciting showcase of talent from Robert Sturrocks elite group of performing arts students. Energetic and entertaining, combining styles from all aspects of dance and musical theatre. A show not to be missed.


Date: 19 May 2010 – 23 May 2010

Obsession – An exciting, enticing, erotic journey confronting people’s obsessions.

Industry Dance invite you to encounter fabulous characters, to marvel at breathtaking prowess, and to be carried away by exotic visions. May the erotic images of yesterday and tomorrow flash before your eyes. May the music and rhythms of the night burst forth. Enter the universe of Obsession, enjoy the show.

Produced and Directed:  Robert Sturrock

Cast:  Mandy Savickas, Adam Cicala, Bec Fairey, Cam Stiles, Emily Hall, Bree Kent, Jason Teasdale, Natalie McIntosh, Andrew Portelli, Ashleigh Perrie, Elizabeth Bennet, Lauren Gutierrez

And Featuring:
Jono Burns, Austin Castiglione, Marita Fox and Julia Harari


Date: 26 May 2010 – 29 May 2010

You – a collection of four short plays and the first offering from new independent theatre company, seedbox theatre.

seedbox theatre proudly present You , an extremely human ride through the twists and turns of contemporary relationships, that is intimate, funny, at times unnerving and just a little bit heartbreaking. The characters are an assemblage of the eccentric and enigmatic, created by award winning Australian playwrite, Alex Broun.

Ten million pieces of my heart – Eva and “Suitcase” used to be in love. But not anymore. There’s ten million pieces of the puzzle to fit together – and Suitcase is about to text them all to Eva. In reverse.

Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Enmore – Claire wakes up on Sunday morning next to Matthew, who is definitely “not her type”.

The Actress’ Dilemma – The theatre’s empty, the actress is late and the director is well, barmy. Just another audition really – but how far is too far?

You – In a full circle of desire and rejection, Walter wants to be with Alice, who obsesses over Strang, who shudders to think of it and pursues Dominic, who thinks he wants Deborah, who, of course, focuses on Walter!

seedbox theatre is a Melbourne based group of artists who want to engage, inspire, challenge and entertain while creating opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents, bridging the gap between amateur and professional theatre.

Collaborative Direction by: Tania Knight, Claire Lillian & Nichola Jayne
Lighting Design : Angela Cole
Stage Manager : Rania Battany

Cast:  Anders Gamboni, Tom Carmody, Claire Lillian, Mike Anthony Sheehy, Matthew Coote, Micheal Fenemore-Cocks, Nichola Jayne, Tania Knight

Original music composed and performed by:
Tom Wolff

Love and Other U-Turns [Book Launch]

Date: 04 Jun 2010

Come along to the launch of Louisa Deasey’s first book, Love and Other U Turns, a laughter-filled memoir about love, laughter and adventure. Louisa will be speaking, and books will be available for signing on the night.

Performed by: Katherine Newnham, Michael Kopp, Caroline Meaden & Alice Dixon

the table

Date: 05 Jun 2010

Presented by Zeal Theatre & Full On Theatre Co Production.

In 2009, a year 9 boy from an Australian high school was killed in a playground brawl. How could such a violent death occur?

“The Table” is a fast paced, exciting and powerful story of home, friendship & violence. Complete with Zeal & Full-On Theatre’s trademark styles of comedy, music and unflinching drama, “The Table” is great theatre for and created with teenagers

Written by: Dave Houston with Angela Frost & Richie Hallal
Featuring: Angela Frost, Richie Hallal, Dave Houston.


Date: 24 Jun 2010 – 04 Jul 2010

We amputate one part of your body every ten hours. Forty hours, four parts of the body. The first, a finger. The second, an ear. The third, a foot. The fourth, the head. It’s easy to survive the first three….

About the Author. Sergi Belbel (b. 1963), is among the most widely-recognized playwrights and directors not only in his native region of Catalunya but throughout Spain. His satire After the Rain won the Molière prize in Paris for Best Comedy of the Year In 1999 and has been staged as well in London and New York.

With BLOOD Belbel turns his eye to the visceral subject of torture for political gain. BLOOD is a disconcerting view of torture by terrorists, in a world populated by characters cut off from their own emotions, each other and their communities.

Belbel’s drama deals with a woman who is taken hostage and is subjected to a series of amputations while the terrorists await ransom from her politician husband.

BLOOD Presentation (Australian Premier Season 24/06/2010 – 04/07/2010)

Cast: Janine Watson, Chloe Boreham, Alison Adriano, Jon Peck, James Tresise,
Kassandra Whitson

Directed by: Scott Gooding
Production Manager: Lexie Wood
Lighting Design: Rose Connors-Dance
Stage Manager: Rachal Van Wyk

an elephant in the room

Date: 08 Jul 2010 – 25 Jul 2010

Antipodean Theatre present

An Elephant in the Room

(a comic fable) by Robert Gough

“Ambition is but avarice on stilts and masked!” – Walter Savage Landor

Lucy is a young actress living in a studio apartment across the hallway from Wally’s wholesale refrigerator warehouse. Both work diligently for a life less ordinary but neither is succeeding in the pursuit of their separate passions of Art and Wealth.

To add to the intrigue, Wally has found a box containing an old 16mm projector and some reels of black and white film. These turn out to be Indian elephant fables, and each fable provides the subliminal chorus of our unique tale.

In An Elephant in the Room, the lives of Wally and Lucy collide and collude as each discovers that the world does not necessarily reward good intentions. Yet it is the chaos and turmoil of their circumstances that ultimately provide wisdom, solutions, and some surprising successes to their big life dilemmas.

An Elephant in the Room is an original Australian play written by New Zealand-born playwright, Robert Gough. Starring American stage and screen actor, Bill Ten Eyck, An Elephant in the Room offers local audiences a refreshing and entertaining night at the theatre with its lively dialogue and intriguing plot building to a surprise-filled climax.

Written and Directed by: Robert Gough
Starring: Bill Ten Eyck | Jennifer Innes | Thomas Henderson | Will Morgan | Karl Cottee
Produced by: Wendy Cavenett and Robert Gough

Photo: Wendy Cavenett Pictured: Jennifer Innes and Bill Ten Eyck

a fistful of scripts

Date: 17 Jul 2010

Wise Words Media Launches ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ | EXCLUSIVE -Invite Only

Initially for private as opposed to public audiences, ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ brings life to the written word for both theatre and screen by a gathering of Melbourne’s most talented and driven writers, actors and directors. The artists will join creative forces for an afternoon of script-readings at Theatre Works on Saturday 17th July 2010 at 1pm.

“It may sound obvious but writers write so actors can act. Actors act so directors can direct. The process is about moving towards an outcome where an audience hears the words and see the action,” says Sean McIntyre of Wise Words Media.

‘A Fistful of Scripts’ is a great way for creative types to network and stay ‘match fit’ in between paid gigs.

“Script readings give actors a stage, writers direct feedback and directors a chance to exercise creative muscle”, says Sean McIntyre. “For everyone else it’s a window into the creative process – it’s like being witness to people giving collective birth to a piece of work through collaborative effort.”

After each reading, a short forum will allow the audience to participate by giving feedback directly to performers, writers and director.

In bringing all these elements together, the prime objective is that the event must be on a 100% non-profit basis while meeting all expenses and outlays. Making this possible is generous assistance from Theatre Works, while a range of other sponsors are also contributing.

‘A Kind of Destiny’ | short play, 10 minutes

Directing ‘A Kind of Destiny’ and ‘Callumny’ will be Mick Lo Monaco (The Cup, Seven of Hearts).

Key cast include Nadia Andary, Sophie Chateau (Everybody Wants To Be Unique), Norm Coleman (City Homicide), Jane Flanagan, Marnie Gibson (Hawke), Paddy McIvor (My Twin Sister Lulu), Sharni Page (Cultural Time Bomb), Paul Ryan (The Cup), Keir Saltmarsh (Rush) and Simon Todman (The Exile of Francis Kinnear).

Judas argues with Christ in the Garden showing him up to be a manipulative user of people for his own ends. Yet if Judas doesn’t choose this destiny, what destiny will be his to become?

Based on a news story about the discovery of a ‘lost gospel’ written by Judas.

‘Callumny’ | short film, 32 minutes
Cally is not herself and she knows it. All she can do is follow the instructions…because they are beginning to run out of patience.

For queries about this and future events see:

ABOUT ‘A Fistful of Scripts’
We write ’em. They read ’em. You hear ‘em.

Writers rode into town with a fistful of scripts and went lookin’ for actors and directors. When they got together all hell broke loose. Now they’ve formed a posse. When they find The Audience… anything could happen.

Starring Writers that write ‘em, Actors that read ‘em and Directors that direct ‘em. Special guest appearance by The Audience that hears ‘em.

A 100% non-profit production, ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ acknowledges the kind assistance of:

* Theatre Works
* School of Creative Design, Victoria University

The driving philosophy and rationale behind ‘A Fistful of Scripts’ is to take the work out to the audience.
We write ’em. They read ’em. You hear ’em.

A Wise Words Media Production

MOVING WORKS: Featuring SIPArt Event # 3

Date: 28 Jul 2010 – 31 Jul 2010

After a hugely successful 2009 Moving Works season, Theatre Works and Liquid Skin continue their commitment to providing new development and presentation opportunities to independent movement artists.

“MOVING Works is a platform for emerging and independent choreographers, encouraging a dialogue between artists and a growing audience for contemporary dance… The breadth of choreographic style on show in Moving Works makes for more than just great conversation fodder for the trip home.” THE AGE – Review: Jordan Beth Vincent [July 10, 2009]

“… In an age in which it is increasingly difficult for independent practitioners to get a look in, Moving Works created a performance structure within which the above could not only occur, but also, was a thoroughly entertaining night in the theatre. Theatre Works and all involved in each production, are to be congratulated. As for me, I’m already looking forward to Moving Works 2010.” ONLINE – Review: Tony Reck [July 13, 2009]

daisy chain

Date: 12 Aug 2010 – 21 Aug 2010

Presented by Rouse House Theatre Company.

Only the innocent need to be redeemed … the rest just need therapy

‘That’s the trouble with people; as a race, we’ve never learned to distinguish between punishment and consequence. In the dark and middle ages, we thought everything was a punishment from God. In this enlightened time, we see everything that affects others as having an explicable cause and an inevitable effect; but we still see everything that affects us personally as a punishment from God – or whatever metaphysical construct we’ve chosen to accept. Why me?; what about me?; and just plain me! are the catch-cries of modern life. Somehow, I think the observation, ‘There but for the grace of God go I” is somehow much more moving and reflective than “Thank fuck it wasn’t me!” Don’t you agree? We’ve not progressed in 700 years; we’ve just narrowed the focus of our enlightenment.’
Daisy Chain, Act I

Pain, punishment and consequence; hope, love and death; notions of Hell and the difficulty of just getting life right, are all thrown into the pot. In the tradition of drama that challenges, Daisy Chain confronts our ideas and presents new perspectives for our scrutiny – never forgetting that humour is the best sugar for a intellectually challenging pill.

In a re-telling of the Orpheus and Eurydice legend, a young couple are separated while on a picnic. The young man’s search for his missing friend leads him to a small, isolated village where nothing is quite what it seems to be. Or, then again, maybe it is.

‘This is a very unusual village. Nothing makes sense.’
‘There is more to us than meets the senses.’
Daisy Chain Act II

Structured in three acts around a cast of ten characters, the play draws on farce, comedy of manners, drawing room drama and even juggling. It yields up its fruit most easily in a traditional proscenium-arch style production, though its concentration on pace and language, and its Absurdist debt, make it suitable for almost any style of production.

‘That would be trite, Toby. I prefer to say that we choose our own eternal therapy’.
‘You said it wasn’t forever!’
‘Yes, but ‘eternal therapy’ has a slightly more poetic ring to it which pleases me. Between you and me, Toby, I couldn’t think up most of the things people choose. But that’s for the best. Only they know what’s appropriate. And punishment that doesn’t fit the crime is just pain.’
Daisy Chain Act III

Written by Alan Skinner and Eryn Skinner
Directed by Eryn Skinner
Designed by Eryn Skinner

THE CAST: Eryn Skinner,Jessica Barnden,Michael McStay,Peter Lesley,Daniel McBurnie,Sue Broberg,Ben Ridgwell,Stevie Hall,Hayley Brown.

Proudly supported by Theatre Works

[title of show] Return Season!

Date: 26 Aug 2010 – 11 Sep 2010

[about the show]:
[title of show] is a melodic and uproarious musical about making ones dreams come true.

In 2004, Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell wanted to enter the inaugural New York Music Theatre Festival (NYMF). The problem was, Jeff and Hunter didn’t have a musical. With the application deadline set, three weeks later they entered [title of show], named after the first line in the festival application form.

[title of show] takes a witty look at both the pleasures and perils of the artistic process, the art and business of creating an original show in a culture dominated by revivals and reality TV stars.

The plot follows Jeff, Hunter, Heidi and Susan as they negotiate a musical theatre obstacle course of finding backers, generating publicity, and finally making it to Broadway.

Following its debut at NYMF, [title of show] enjoyed an acclaimed run at the Vineyard Theater Off-Broadway in 2006, and saw the release of an Original Cast Album that same year. Jeff and Hunter fulfilled their Broadway aspirations in July 2008, where [title of show] ran for over 100 performances. The Magnormos production at Theatre Works in May 2010 was the first to be mounted outside of the USA, and following its successful reception returns to Theatre Works for a limited engagement in preparation for a pending national tour.

“must see” – The Age
“smart poppy and funny” – The Australian
“the most honest, thought-provoking musical you’ll see all year.” – Stage Whispers

Directed by: Aaron Joyner
Musical Direction by: Sophie Thomas
Associate Direction / Choreography: Jessica Enes
Lighting Design: Lucy Birkinshaw
Costume Design: Emma Kennedy


Jeff: David Spencer
Hunter: Darryn Gatt
Susan: Laura Fitzpatrick
Heidi: Lara Thew

Theatresports™ 2010

Date: 19 Sep 2010 – 21 Nov 2010

Presented by Impro Melbourne

The timeless appeal of competitive sports and comedy has lead Theatresports™ to become one of the longest running staged shows in Australia.

From its humble beginnings of a bunch of improvisers with unscripted dreams and a flair for tomfoolery, TheatresportsTM is now a renowned hunting ground of new talent.

Countless Australian actors and comics, including Julia Zemiro (RocKwiz), Russell Fletcher (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Colin Lane (Lano & Woodley), have all starred onstage at Theatresports™.

This year old meets new as a handful of Theatresports™ veterans take to the stage with improvisers barely as old as the show.

So come on down and join us for the fast and furious fun of TheatresportsTM – Melbourne style. Grab a latte, don your team’s colours and cheer like it was Friday Night Football.

Returning to the iconic Theatre Works stage in the heart of St Kilda, the improvisers never miss a beat in the race to become the TheatresportsTM Champions of 2010.

TheatresportsTM at Theatre Works. A Melbourne institution.

Whole New World [Play reading]

Date: 19 Sep 2010

The Torch Presents The First Public Reading Of: ‘Whole New World’

The Torch, with writer Graham Pitts have been working with St Kilda residents to develop a script  about the world of people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.  These are important  stories of ordinary people who experience the thrills and adversities familiar to most of us, told in a humorous, at times scandalous but always real way.

The ‘Whole New World ‘script is now ready for a number of readings designed to gauge audience reaction and feedback so the script can be refined.   These readings are being conducted by many first time actors as well as professionals.  We would be honored if you would  join us and help us to create the strongest and most powerful work  we can.

A ‘Whole New World’ will be a courageous comedy that tackles the dichotomy of these social realities and plants Trojan horses to bust myths and stereotypes.

Written by: Graham Pitts
Directed by: Maude Davey
Produced by: The Torch
Project Advisor: Robyn Szechtman
With Project Consultants: Tracee-anne Graham, Michelle Coady, Judith Jackson, Cath Taylor and Ant Bridgeman.

PaPer Man & The 499th Day ~ A double Bill [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 23 Sep 2010 – 02 Oct 2010

Presented by Theatre Works and  Liquid Skin Peninsula Performing Arts Company as part of the GIRLS AT WORK Season.

A double bill of physical theatre and contemporary dance. Two premiere performances.

PaPer Man delves into one day in the life of a very methodical and sensible man. His achromatic & ordered life is suddenly changed by the delivery of an express post red helium balloon skirt. The arrival of the skirt heralds the appearance of colour, chocolate and of woman. Will he expose himself or forever be filed away under “3D glasses ineffective.”

The 499th Day is an intensely powerful & consuming contemporary dance, exploring the adventure of death. With vigour & heat experience the moment before the fire takes hold and transformation begins.

To die will be an awfully big adventure?

J M Barrie

Director/Choreographer: Rochelle Carmichael
Organic Director: Jenny Robinson
Design costume: Sera Margaret
Performers : Taurus Ashley, Anna Simm & Kelly Way

erformed by After Dark Talent

I Could Be You [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 23 Sep 2010 – 09 Oct 2010

Presented by Theatre Works and Embrace Productions as part of the GIRLS AT WORK Season.

I’m invisible because you refuse to see me…

Shireen, an Indian international student is taken to a detention centre. She is visited by Huong, a Vietnamese-Australian lawyer, and the mysterious Ania. Shireen begins to hear voices and goes mad…Or does she?

I could be you” is a visceral experience immersing the audience through a journey of madness and hope. Based on the history of the Maribyrnong Detention Centre site “I could be you” wonders about the state we are in.

Directed by: Hoa Pham
Melanie Beddie
Performed by:
 Diana Nguyen, Shalini Akhil, Susan Doel and Shane Lee.
Designed by: Amber Hart and Canada White
Sound by:
 Simon Charles

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

La Petite Mort – The Orgasm [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 23 Sep 2010 – 02 Oct 2010

Presented by Theatre Works and  Ladies Who Lounge Cabaret as part of the GIRLS AT WORK Season.

La Petite Mort is a Comical Cabaret Romp through Sex and Sexuality.

Adelaide Fringe Top 3 Shows” Adelaide Magazine

Best Bets of the Melbourne Fringe” The Age

A truly original, delightful, accomplished show, Hertaeg shimmies, flirts and croons and holds her audience in a firm but gentle embrace.” The Scotsman

Did You Know:
Scientific research has associated true love with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which means that love, like OCD can be treated with Prozac.
The vibrator was originally invented as a medical instrument and preceded the vacuum cleaner as a household appliance by 9 years.

Isabel’s kinky, comic & sometimes shocking tales, accompanied by all your favorite sexy songs, will have you squirming, blushing, laughing & crying, perhaps even at the same time. Prepare for a post-coital smoke after this foxy ride.

Strap yourself in for a night out with cabaret artist Isabel Hertaeg.” The Age

Musical Genius” Arts Hub

‘Mastering with the Mistresses’ [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 25 Sep 2010 – 08 Oct 2010

Theatre Works and Tashmadada present a series of ‘Mistress’classes with the best ‘Girls in the Biz’.  Abandon yourself into the ‘Girl Power’ and new ways of working with some of the best women artists in Melbourne.

Featuring the fabulous talents of Bagryana Popov, Tanya Gerstle, Sue Broadway and  Penelope Bartlau.

Working through the body –  Saturday 25th September:  
10.00am to 2.00pm 

Masterclass leader:  Bagryana Popov

In this workshop we will look at ways of working from the body in a full and present way. We will use text and improvisation, and find imaginative ways in to text through the body. We will explore a way of approaching work in an unmediated, open way, in the here-and-now.

The workshop will move across a theatre and dance approach in an active and playful way. Bring a piece of text which you know, and we will open it up, explore and extend it, play around it, and perhaps leave  it by the wayside as we take off in a new and unexpected direction…

Maximum Number: 12

Pulse: Composed Improvisation for Performers – Friday 1st October:   
10.00am to 2.00pm 

Masterclass leader: Tanya Gerstle

Pulse is a shared language for an improvising ensemble.

Like a group of jamming jazz musicians, a Pulse ensemble of improvising performers plays solo and together. United by an embedded set of performance and composition principles performers respond to external sources and internal impulses. They weave action, language, image and sound to spontaneously create a Composed Improvisation. The performer is simultaneously the creator and the creation.

This workshop offers an insight into the Pulse Training and an introduction to the shared language of this ensemble practice.

For actors, dancers and physical theatre performers, who have a hunger to improvise and a desire to collaborate.

Maximum Number: 16

In the Zone – performance, presence and pleasure – Monday 4th October:  
10.00am to 2.00pm 

Masterclass leader: Sue Broadway

What makes a performer “present’ for an audience? How do you put yourself in that zone? How can you access your presence and pleasure whenever you need it? Through games and improvisation a space is created for making discoveries about how you and your presence impact on an audience and how you can free yourself to play in the moment.

Maximum Number: 20 

An introduction to Object Theatre & Bunraku Puppetry – Thursday 7th October:  
10.00am to 2.00pm 

Masterclass leader:  Penelope Bartlau

“Anything can be a puppet”: Peter J Wilson, Master Puppeteer.

A relative newcomer to the world of puppetry, Object Theatre challenges traditional thinking on manipulation and puppetry forms. The puppeteer imbues life into seemingly lifeless everyday objects – such as a potato, a cheese grater, a tube of toothpaste – generating personality, intelligence and drama from and with the objects. The manipulator is visible and big vocals are required. The workshop focuses on puppetry manipulation, character creation, vocal skills, play and improvisation – working solo and in teams.

Introduction to Bunraku Puppetry

Bunraku is the traditional Japanese form of puppetry. Bunraku is generally understood to be when three puppeteers operate one puppet. Traditionally, it takes many years of training to become a Master Bunraku puppeteer. Three minds must become one. Three breaths must breath together to bring the puppet to life. The art of Bunraku is the art of truly listening to your fellow performer. In this workshop we introduce Bunraku techniques through a series of exercises in and though hands-on practice.

Maximum Number: 20


Making a piece of theatre from scratch – Friday 8th October:  
10.00am to 2.00pm 

Masterclass leader: Penelope Bartlau

In this workshop we explore various methods and approaches to creative development: how to nurture an idea or vision out of your head and onto the page or floor. We look at seeking and finding clarity: generating a premise for a work. We introduce methods to experiment with and test out ideas practically, no matter what form of theatre you are aiming for. We focus on trouble shooting in the creation of a work: How do you keep going when you’re stuck? What are the practical considerations for a creative development period? How do you assess what works and what doesn’t work? How do you string it all together to make a show?

This workshop is one where participants bring an idea they want to play with, or bring an inspiring object, a dream, a line from a poem, an obsession or a picture that’s in their head – anything. We tease out these sources of inspiration and build the foundations for a piece of theatre.

Maximum Number: 14

The She Sessions ~ A triple bill [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 29 Sep 2010 – 09 Oct 2010

Presented by Theatre Works and  Women Under Construction as part of the GIRLS AT WORK Season.

The She Sessions is a performance about ‘women under construction’. Sally Smith, Trudy Radburn and Tirese Ballard turn up on site, tool bags bulging with dance, text and song to present three new short solo works. Bear witness to their ambitious self-renovation as they hack into the archetypes of the Diva, the Bride & the Everywoman.

In The Dawning: A Retrospective by Sally Smith, meet The Diva as she takes you on a visceral journey, harnessing the timeless ‘power of the dance’. Discover the joys of your pubic symphysis and experience modern dance like you never thought possible. This melodramatic, highly stylised dancing and singing icon, evokes another era, but crashlands into our contemporary world, with surprising results.

Undone is a comic tale of awkward delights. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Trudy Radburn explores the peculiar predicament of lounge room love. Accompanied by Rob Campbell.

The Pane Of A Filthy Window – A woman is awakening to the realisation that perhaps hope is nothing but a cumbersome obstacle. This morning’s view is no different. She can no longer see the outside world, just the filthy pane in front of her. The situation is hopeless, she must take the next step. Just direct your feet… By Tirese Ballard with musician Andrew O’Grady.

The She Sessions is the premiere season of works by the independent artist collective: ‘Women Under Construction’. Drawn together by a shared affinity for European dance theatre, this group revels in the fusion of dance, theatre and musical forms.

Women Under Construction aim to tour The She Sessions to Strasbourg, France in 2012, as guests of the female singing theatre group: ‘Les Clandestines’.

Instability Strip [as part of Girls At Work]

Date: 05 Oct 2010 – 09 Oct 2010

Presented by Theatre Works and  Blue Straggler Productions as part of the GIRLS AT WORK Season.

Blue Stragglers are stars that should have died, but instead blaze into new life.

Are they vampires, or just … resourceful?

Blue Straggler Productions is dedicated to cross-disciplinary collaboration, working across continents and centuries to reheat old ideas and capture new ones in flight, then shaking them into cool contemporary performance cocktails that could get quite addictive.

A woman is looking for something. If she can only find the right place to stand she will see it all and understand everything! or maybe not … in this new work, movement, spoken word, electronic and tango music are stirred, not shaken, into something extraordinary. Cross timelines and continents with underground stars The Blue Stragglers, in a late night performance cocktail that could get quite addictive.

Theatre Maker/Performer: Alison Richards
Musician: Guillermo Anad
Composer: Natasha Moszenin
Dramaturg: Yoni Prior
Production Manager/Designer: Bec Etchell
Set and Costumes: Zoe Stuart


Date: 14 Oct 2010 – 23 Oct 2010

Paul Malek gathers an impressive creative team to fulfill his vision.

Malek explores becoming the passenger to ones temptations, the journey and the consequences on reaching one’s Climax. This fast paced production highlights a selection of Melbourne’s finest Dancers, Actors and Choreographers. This complex story line delivered with gut wrenching passion and conviction, will leave you guessing and enthralled from the hectic opening scene to the mind-boggling end. In a nutshell, Climax is intense, hard-hitting, emotionally challenging and purely entertaining.

Playing for a strictly limited season, Climax is Collaboration’s most daring project to date, a must see production and great night out.

THE ASSISTANT – Ashleigh Perrie
THE TRADESMAN – Trent Harlow
THE CROSS DRESSER – Raymond Balisoro
THE BOSS – Julian Ardley
ENSEMBLE – Emily Jayne Kean, Sarah Clarke, Cheyne Whichello & Maxwell Trengove

something blew

Date: 27 Oct 2010 – 06 Nov 2010

Theatre Works presents a 2nd Toe Dance Collective production.

A new contemporary dance work from 2ndToe Dance Collective.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLEW.

Something Blew invites us to examine the current socio-climate, which allows perversity, sexual confusion and shallow respect in companionship to alienate and abuse one of our primary needs, LOVE.

Artistic Team:
Direction and Choreography: Adam Wheeler and Dancers
Performers: James Andrews, Ben Hancock, Tyler Hawkins, , Rebecca Jensen, Madeleine Krenek, Emily Ranford, Frankie Snowdon,  Adam Wheeler
Lighting Design: Rose Connors Dance
Costume Design: Chloe Greeves
Sound Design: 
Alisdair Macindoe
Dramaturge: Luke George
Project Management: Moriarty’s Project

Verve Studios – 2010 Actor Showcase

Date: 10 Nov 2010 – 13 Nov 2010

After an intensive year of training with some of Melbourne’s best and most respected actor trainers, our professional studios come together to showcase the result of dedication, passion and commitment to their craft…

It’s Getting Light

PAS 2010

Sexy, passionate and exceptionally driven, our PAS 2010 graduates are one of the most diverse and creative ensembles to emerge from Verve Studios.

Exploring primal desires, human instincts and the chapters that form the human make-up, this piece of theatre will seduce, challenge and inspire.

Director: Darren Natale
Assistant Director: Hayley Birch
Technical Manager: Canada White
Production Assistant: Bree Hartley

8pm Wednesday 10 Nov – Saturday 13 Nov

Here I Stand

Professional Teen Actor Showcase

The second teen ensemble to emerge from Verve Studios; these enchanting performers are a delicate mix of beauty, raw energy and vulnerability.

Do not miss your opportunity to witness the power and wonder evoked by our teens.

Director: Hayley Birch
Technical Manager: Canada White
Production Assistant: Bree Hartley

the nightwatchman

Date: 24 Nov 2010 – 12 Dec 2010

Theatre Works presents an If Theatre production.

Bill has lived a life amongst the rambling beauty of the old family home. Now he’s gone blind, and his children Helen and Michael have returned for a few days to move him away. On the outside Bill is stoic, resigned to his fate, but inside he silently rages against the darkness. Drawn together in a garden full of echoes, the three discover tender memories of a shared past unwilling to release them. A moving, poetic ode to the human spirit and the memories that define us.

Written By: Daniel Keene
Directed By: Matt Scholten
Performed By: Roger Oakley, Zoe Ellerton-Ashley and Brad Williams.
Set & Costume Design By: Kat Chan
Lighting Design By: Lisa Mibus
Composed By:  Ben Keene
Assistant Director: Halcyon Macleod
Produced By: Susanne Kean
Stage Manager: Amy Bagshaw

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