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Date: 28 Jan 2009 – 07 Feb 2009

Join Australia’s senior gay couple Seymour and Stanley, in a hilarious gay lifestyle show that is guaranteed to entertain, inform and put the colour back in your cheeks.

What these guys teach, you wont find in a book. Not unless there is a book out there that combines the Country Woman’s Association Cookbook with Leather-Men circa 1970, while James Last A-Go-Go is playing in the background.

You can’t go past their “Hands On Approach”, no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Need to know what will grow at the base of a thick trunk? Want to know the gay holiday destinations of 2009? Have to know what it takes to find and keep your perfect partner? What are you waiting for? Book the tickets and get ready for a good clean dose of sidesplitting fun.

” …a feisty show that puts the homo back into home economics.” Blue Magazine

“Had us in stitches!” Sewing Guild of Australasia

thy will be done

Date: 28 Jan 2009 – 07 Feb 2009

Midsumma Festival is about to come of age with the new play, “Thy Will Be Done” by Melbourne Playwright, Kevin McGreal. It explores the lives of two men, a young Catholic Priest and a local musician (played by Brad Schmidt), who meet when Father Bell is posted to the coastal town Apollo Bay and they unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. “It’s a play about secrets, sins, triumphs and finding love in unexpected places,” McGreal says, “And I think audiences are mature enough to expect stories based on not so mainstream ideas.”

Set in contemporary Apollo Bay, the play looks at how isolation poses a growing risk to gay men. “The isolation is not only being gay in a rural area but in terms to religious beliefs,” Says McGreal,” Gay men like anyone else can be very spiritual but can feel more alone with religion than ever and when we put that with a Church so rich and so beautiful in history and influence we sometimes see people closing off, and discriminating, punishing and dominating other individuals.”

Thy Will Be Done is also about relationships. It is about the relationship between a priest and his new parish, between the Priest and another man, and between the Priest and God. “This has been the most challenging script to write. Religion is the foundation of humanity and I wanted to look at that in terms of being a gay man who is also a Priest,” states McGreal, “But it is an evolving show for me because I wanted to make something beautiful and pure not dark and overly deconstructed. It is a love story that I just let be.”

Kevin McGreal has been writing, performing and directing his own plays most of his life. Since his first script at seven years old- “I’d always wanted to since I heard Orson Welles’ radio play, “War of the Worlds” and how powerful it was,” says McGreal, ” So when I get an idea of what I want from a story. I work on that script until I can get close to that and to find people to work with.” The theatre- making supremo has lived and breathed theatre for the past 10 years. His previous works include; 25 Frames, Cruising, Shakespeare’s Boys, Strewth, and Jerker. Brad Schmidt has worked with McGreal previously on 25 Frames. He is a New Zealand actor who worked on Shortland Street.

“It’s heartening to see that there are shows that push a few boundaries,” The Age.

Written by Kevin McGreal
Directed by Liz Perry
Set by Chris Molyneux


Date: 12 Feb 2009 – 14 Feb 2009

The show – A mix of contemporary and modern dance driven by 10 exceptional dancers, who bring to the show their own unique styles and talents. Directed and choreographed by Robert Sturrock, lighting by Guy Carrison.

Director and Choreographer – Robert Sturrock
Cast – Fran Grossi, Renee Woods, Adam Cicala, Nick Geurts, Stephanie Bennett, Cameron Bull, Caitlin Wheeler, Troy Savic, Bec Fairey, Stephen Agisilaou
Lighting – Guy Carrison
Assistant to the Director – Mandy Savickas

pandora’s eyes

Date: 17 Feb 2009 – 01 Mar 2009

Hope, change and the obscurity of wellness

A chocolate cake with ulterior motives, a scam involving the theft of unclaimed baggage and the fear of living itself, blend for a humorous and authentic study of four women grappling with the despair of drug and alcohol abuse. The play, Pandora’s Eyes evokes a strong emotional response to the effort it takes to alter seemingly predetermined lives.

Let’s face it, everybody knows what’s right, what they are supposed to do to act right, but why is it so hard to do it? Pandora’s Eyes leads us into the complexity and magical aspects of how people change.

Director: Gorkem Acaroglu
Producer: Nikki McCoy

Beat N’ Move Euphoric

Date: 05 Mar 2009 – 08 Mar 2009

Combining the Dance styles of Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical and Hip Hop, with an array of live music and vocalists. This show is a visual and musical feast for every audience member.

A day in the life of Tyler Samson: A dancing man who has hung up his shoes and taken up a desk job in an office. Unfortunately for Tyler, he just can’t seem to stop dancing, literally, let alone in his own mind. Carving up every aspect of life with a turn spin kick combination. Beat N’ Move Euphoric is a small insight into what goes through Tyler’s mind every day of his life, an ever-overlapping pulsating sea of sound and movement. For just one day, his world dances with him.

Link Arms Bushfire Benefit Concert

Date: 07 Mar 2009

The “Link Arms Appeal” is an extra special variety show uniting the thousands of theatre performers and theatre going public in Melbourne. To be staged at the exceptional Besen Centre at Mt. Scopus in Burwood for two shows only, the event will be a rollicking and fun affair, with all the proceeds raised from the event donated to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. If the event sells out, this will be a contribution in excess of $50,000.

Miss K and The Klones

Date: 28 Mar 2009

A cabaret extravaganza following the misadventures of Miss K; who audaciously escapes prison and ends up in Trieste, Italy. A hilarious exploration of food; loss; death; love; both requited and unrequited; and the gentle art of condom-shopping in a foreign land. Think National Lampoons meets Mr. Bean …. Italian style.

Miss K proves that love and hate can exist within the one relationship, and good and evil can exist within the one woman. She is brash; sexy; controversial and side-splittingly funny.

Show includes all original music, audience participation and the cooking of a traditional Italian dish.

Italy lays claim to the largest amount of internationally recognized nouns and historically important figures in the world… Miss K is about to become one more.

With pre-show entertainment comprising of some of Melbourne’s finest cabaret artists!

Starring: Klara McMurray as Miss K & Bom as Captain Frank
Directed by: Susan Alexopolous
Supported by: MC: Special K (aka Gerard Cogly)
Support Acts: Tongue & Groove and Mood Swing Choirs, Dan K. Waters, Giuseppe K. Caruso, Kay Sera, Mini K (Sage Hall-Smith), Fat Chance & the Bluegrass Playboys

inside the island

Date: 09 Apr 2009 – 26 Apr 2009

Against the brutal landscape of regional New South Wales, mill workers battle to sustain their ailing harvest.

Lillian Dawson, matriarch of the wheat fields, sculpts her daughter, dominates her husband and entices the visiting army captain. How far will Lillian go to create her very own island of civilisation?

But inside this island lies a poison, and four bags of wheat threaten to destroy all that Lillian has created.

Fresh from their successes in 2008 (The Underwood, The Massacre at Paris), Doorslam returns in 2009 with their production of Louis Nowra’s rich and intriguing play Inside the Island.

Written By: Louis Nowra
Directed By: Mark Wilson
Set and costume design by: Emily Collett
Lighting design by: Lucy Birkinshaw Campbell

Garden of Delights

Date: 01 May 2009 – 16 May 2009

Sex, Sheep and Sadomasochism.

One of Victoria’s most exciting independent theatre companies, PipeDream will be staging Spanish writer, Fernando Arrabal’s surreal fantasy, Garden of Delights in May as part of Theatre Works 2009 Selected Works Season. Written in the 1960’s and last presented in Australia thirty years ago at the Pram Factory, Garden of Delights bridges the gap between fairytale and nightmare as it explores the world of a famous actress who is escaping from reality into a bizarre garden of her own imagination.

The actress, played by Julia Harari, has tried to reject the world for her elaborate self-created sanctuary populated by animals including a half-man half-ape creature. But even in her own world her past continues to haunt her and slowly her life and history unravels before the audience in a kaleidoscope of strange characters, time machines, nuns, fame, violence, sex and hyper reality.

Garden of Delights forms part of the Spanish macabre/fantastical tradition of highly visual art that reaches from Goya through Picasso and Dali to the recent Academy Award winning film, Pan’s Labyrinth. The writer, Fernando Arrabal grew up in Franco’s Spanish dictatorship before going into exile and is seen as one of the founders of the Panic Movement of 1960’s which can be described as a continuation of Surrealism and drew heavily of the Theatre of the Absurd.

Written by: Ferando Arrabal
Adapted & Directed by:
 Paul Terrell
Produced by:
 Nic Halliwell
Set Designed by: Yunuen Perez
Lighting Designed by: Katie Sfetkidis
Sound Designed by: Keith McDougall
Costume Designed by: Chloe Greaves
Stage Managed by: Amelia Jackson

And Featuring:
Jono Burns, Austin Castiglione, Marita Fox and Julia Harari

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Date: 11 May 2009

The original romantic comedy of love, lust and cross-dressing!
Valentine and Proteus are best mates. Valentine is going on a trip. Proetus loves Julia. Valentine loves Silvia. Speed loves his bed. This is about to get very complicated and very dirty.

Directed by:
Daniel Lammin

Performed By:
Vanessa Cole, Marita Davies, Simon Eales, Sarah Kelly, Stephanie Lillis, Christopher Lawrence Talbot, Mark Wilson

Original music composed and performed by:
Tom Wolff

CLickety CLack Don’t Talk Back & Aoroi

Double Bill
21 May 2009 – 31 May 2009

CLickity CLack is based upon the song lyrics of the same name by Laura Sciacovelli & Alela Diane. In this work, held together with a few bits of elastic, dancers hang just off the floor, one hiding in the apparel of the other. Contortions of the largest proportion interact with bizarre puppetry in an ever-changing change room of uncanny dressings and un-dressings.

Aoroi is a tale as unnatural as the fairies that inhabit it. Under the moon’s silvery rays, nasty little wingy thingies emerge, incomplete, and volatile… sometimes good, sometimes not, but always fantastically alluring.

“CLickity CLack & Aoroi are a bent mix of illusion, circus & muscular dance. Low budget Philippe Genty. Only better! At Theatre Works.”

Chris Boyd [22nd May 2009]

A “seductively charming dance/physical theatre pieces Clickety Clack and Aoroi at Theatre Works (go see)”

Alison Croggon Theatre Note [22nd May 2009]

Devised & Directed By: Rochelle Carmichael
Choreographed By: Rochelle Carmichael with the performers
Illusionist: Ross Skiffington
Performed by: Katherine Newnham, Michael Kopp, Caroline Meaden & Alice Dixon

moving works

Date: 08 Jul 2009 – 11 Jul 2009

Take 10 stunning independent Choreographers & Directors, 12 amazing performers and 1 empty stage; give them just 10 minutes to work their magic and prepare to be amazed as they showcase the latest and the best of what Melbourne’s independent movement based theatre has to offer!

Choreographed by: Jay Bailey
Performed by: Neroli Jamieson

Concrete Solace  
[Phantom Limbs]
Choreographed by: Amy Macpherson, James Welsby
Performed by: Amy Macpherson, James Welsby

Hoops with Strings  
Choreographed by: Simone Litchfield
Composed by: Jen Anderson
Performed by: Simone Litchfield, Jen Anderson

Intimate Alien  
Choreographed by: Taurus Ashley, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal
Performed by: Taurus Ashley, Jade Dewi Tyas Tunggal

Choreographed by: Gulsen Ozer
Performed by: Michaela Pegum

Choreographed by: Rochelle Carmichael
Performed by: Kathryn Newnham

Directed by: Daniel Cole
Performed by: Daniel Cole

The Question   
[Foster the Arts]
Choreographed by: Michael Foster
Performed by: Michael Foster

After a hugely successful 2008 SIPart Event, it is with great pleasure that Theatre Works and Liquid Skin continue their partnership by presenting the inaugural Moving Works season, featuring SIPart Event # 2. (Sponsoring Independent Performance Artists)

SIPart Event # 1 was first presented by Liquid Skin and proudly supported by Theatre Works in November 2008. As a result of this one night event, Rob McCredie was the recipient of the first ever SIPart Sponsorship to the tune of $1000 for the continued development of his craft.

As part of Theatre Works’ commitment to supporting independent artists, the organisation provided the Theatre Works venue and other support at no cost to Liquid Skin or the artists.

In 2009, this one off event will grow to become part of a one week Moving Works showcase in the week of 6th to 12th of July 2009. Theatre Works support will include venue use, marketing & publicity, technical and front of house support as well as providing an award.

This year’s showcase will include two sponsorship awards;
1. The first one being a cash prize to the selected Individual artist to be put towards further development of their artform.

2. The second being a creative development opportunity provided by Theatre Works to the most outstanding ensemble. This award will be in the form of creative development period in the venue in October 2009 and the opportunity to apply for the ongoing inclusion in the Theatre Works In the Works and Selected Works programs.

sunset rising

Date: 15 Jul 2009 – 18 Jul 2009

RACHAEL Green lives her life like there’s never going be another day behind the one she’s already living… And sometimes she wishes there wasn’t. She’s indulgent, she’s tenacious and she loves to be loved. But as life’s brutal reality makes its way to her surface Rachael finds it harder and harder to deal with her addiction, her sexuality and the people who influence both of these things.

So, will she continue to deny herself of true happiness and let her own darkness consume her, or will she finally battle her demons and learn that it’s okay to love, and be loved.

Sunset Rising is a story about love in all it’s different forms and how that love can bring out the best and worst in all those who believe in it.

Written By: Brihony Dawson
Directed By: Matthew Barnes

om: a dance experience

Date: 22 Jul 2009 – 26 Jul 2009

After the successful run of Robert Sturrocks first show “SKIN” in February 2009, ‘OM’ promises to be equally entertaining with a new cast, choreography and costumes. An exhilarating and breathtaking show not to be missed.

Directed/Choreographed by: Robert Sturrock
Lighting Design:
 Guy Carrison
Asst Director:
 Mandy Savickas

life’s a circus

Date: 31 Jul 2009 – 15 Aug 2009

Life’s a Circus tells a story about three people, in the context of their performance in a touring circus show. But it’s about more than that, and more than a conventional love-triangle. It looks at the way love, and the need to find it, can make us both better and much worse people than we are; it is a story about betrayal, and about the ways the things we think we need change as we grow. It’s a story about points of decision in individual lives, and points of no return in relationships. Life’s A Circus binds the mediums of Musical Theatre and Live Circus creating a thrilling new Australian work.

The three people are DAVID and VIVIEN, two old friends and partners in a tightrope act, and ALEX, a circus clown. All three are challenging acting roles as well as vocally very demanding. Musically, the style is contemporary, ranging between smart and sophisticated conversations in song to reflective and passionate ballads.

Music and Lyrics: Anthony Costanzo
Book: Peter Fitzpatrick

Producer: Aaron Joyner
Director: Kris Stewart
Musical Supervisor: Kellie Dickerson
Musical Director: Anthony Costanzo
Lighting Designer: Lucy Birkinshaw
Costume Designer: Emma Kennedy

the lower depths

Date: 27 Aug 2009 – 30 Aug 2009

A collaboration between the St Kilda Drop in Centre community and four theatre makers to adapt Maxim Gorky’s epic play The Lower Depths.

The workshop process will be the focus, providing an opportunity for the voicing of experiences from the margins of our society. The original text will be the starting point only for this collaborative exploration, which will culminate in a short public season of a powerful, new and immediately relevant work for the theatre.

Written By: Maxim Gorky + participants.
Directed By: John Bolton

The cast
Sergeant – Brian Pigot;
Alyoshka – Brett A. Walsh;
Bubnov – Stewart Weir;
Baron – Tom Moleta;
Pepel – Joseph Sherman;
Nastya – Maree Wesol;
Luka – Brian Lipson;
Constable – Pat Nyberg;
Satin – Abdul Hay;
Actor – Rodney Dean Mcleish;
Zob – Ant Bridgeman;
Anna/Vassilissa – Bagryana Popov;
Natasha – Sharon Kirschner;
Kostyliov – John Bolton

something blew

Date: 03 Sep 2009 – 05 Sep 2009

A. Lit

shad⋅ow [shad-oh]
1. A dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light.

Choreography/Dancers: Benjamin Hancock, Rebecca Jensen

B. Down The Rabbit Hole – The Rabbit and Alice [sneak peak]

An excerpt from Collaboration The Project’s up-coming season in October.
After recent success with Inhale, Beat N’ Move Euphoric, Immersed & Time A Story Of Youth; Collaboration The Project takes the original novel by Lewis Carrol, and darkly adapts it with brilliant choreography and a host of Australia’s most talented and innovating new talents.

C. Something Blew
‘Something Blew’ is one section of a four-part major project currently being developed by 2nd Toe Dance Collective. The work is a modern take on the old English proverb ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed,something blue.’ The colour blue in the proverb symbolizes purity, love, modesty and fidelity and ‘Something Blew’ focuses on the modern acceptance of sexual freedom within relationships, which contradicts, neglects and abuses the origins of the ancient saying..

Choreographed By: Adam Wheeler & 2nd Toe Dance Collective
Performed by: Benjamin Hancock, Tyler Hawkins, Frankie Snowdon, Madeleine Krenek and Jorijn Vriesendorp

Suade and Vocal Folds 4

Date: 11 Sep 2009

Vocal Folds 4 and Suade join forces for one special night of smooth vocal harmony. These two giants of Melbourne a cappella will capture everyone’s heart with a taste of the feminine, the masculine, and a few good ol’ fashion all-in spectaculars.

Showcasing both groups’ powerhouse voices, tight harmonies and stunning arrangements of pop songs, party classics and lush ballads it is sure to be an event any lover of good singing won’t want to miss. As well as displaying both groups’ tunes and talents individually, Suade and Vocal Folds 4 are also excited to be combining to sing some new epic nine-part arrangements. With Vocal Folds 4 having just returned home from their tour to South Korea, where they performed as invited international guest artists at the Jeju International Choir Festival, and Suade about to embark on their first tour to South East Asia, these two groups are definitely leading the way when it comes to Australian popular a cappella music.

Vocal Folds 4 are: Amelia Alder, Sarah Patterson, Jane Patterson, Hayley Clare

Suade are: Chris Blain, Loz Blain, Een Nisbet, Rory Osman Robert Latham

create your own book WORKSHOP

Date: 19 Sep 2009

Readings is running a series of inspiring free workshops for children in St Kilda and Port Melbourne focusing on the writing and illustrating process. Local authors and illustrators will share stories of how they work and encourage children to create their own book.

Chrissie Perry, author of the popular Go Girl series will be running the workshop at Theatre Works on Saturday 19th September at 11am.

Children will be able to enter their books into the Readings Create Your Own Book Competition. There will be prizes for best story, best illustration and most creative book in 3 different age groups.


Date: 20 Sep 2009 – 29 Nov 2009

The teams of improvisers will do their best to outdo and outwit one another. They have been training hard but what will happen when they are put on the spot? It’s difficult to phase these quick wits. Whimsical, exciting and seamless stories will come together before your eyes.

But who will please the watchful judges? Those that do will make it through to the night of nights – the Theatresports™ Grand Final. The improvisers need your support so back your favourites as they engage in this gripping contest of comedy.

Our use of audience suggestions means you have the chance to create your perfect show.

We never over-work our scripts because there are none – just fresh, impromptu comedy at every performance. The unpredictable show that will leave you asking, “What’ll they think of next?”

This season will include Lliam Amor, Rik Brown, Mike Bryant, Simon Dowling, Sean Fabri, Leah Gabriel, Jason Geary, Jenny Lovell, Xavier Michelides, Karl McConnell, Rama Nicholas, Tim Redmond, Anna Renzenbrink, Jamie Robertson, Patti Stiles and Kevin Yank.

“…a fast-paced, high-energy triumph” – The Groggy Squirrel

“Theatresports™ is quite possibly the best game in the world, and definitely the funniest” – Australian Stage Online

runtime error

Fringe 09
23 Sep 2009 – 03 Oct 2009

One night during an electrical storm a Kid is sucked into his computer. He finds himself trapped in a world where the rules and laws of physics do not apply.  As he befriends the missing files he learns that the new updates on his computer will soon make his new found friends obsolete.

Embarking on a mission to save his friends and prevent the computer from updating Kid soon realises that he will have to work through the maze of files and ultimately play the game of his life if he is to escape the clutches of the virus control.

The other intricate workings of the computer both aid and hinder Kid’s attempts to escape the hard drive’s Core.
Will he make it back to reality or forever be caught in a world of non existence?’

Using black light theatre, physical performance, special effect lighting, puppetry and an original music score, After Dark, in association with After Dark Talent and Damage Control, bring the world of ‘Runtime Error’ to life with performances from Australia’s upcoming circus talent and designers.

Directed & Produced: Francesco Minniti
Co- Produced: Kara Ciezki
Original music: Damage Control and K
Puppetry: Duane Jackson Smith
Lighting Design: Harrison Cope
Costume Deign: Freya Barrett
Performed by After Dark Talent


Fringe 09
Date: 23 Sep 2009 – 03 Oct 2009

This coming September Gumbination is excited to present their newest and most unique show to date, Mantswe, in this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival season. Meaning ‘voices’ in the South African language of Sotho, Mantswe is a crossover, an acapella spectacular that will leave audiences gasping for more.

Imagine an all female group singing Negro spirituals, vocal jazz, choral and African Traditionals all in one pot. Wonderful harmonies, a mixture of simple melodies with challenging rhythmic structures keeps the energy flowing through the songs. This music is original, earthy, imaginative and fun to listen to. Come and listen as this acoustic group takes you to a place of tranquillity.

Mantswe is a raw, simple yet thought provoking show that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

The talented Sello Molefi (The Lion King, Dance Through Me, Elephant Tales) guest stars as the lead vocalist and co- composer for Gumbination’s ‘Mantswe’.

Musical Director/Composer: Sello Molefi
Produced by: Veronica Mansueto
Performed by: Members of Gumbination Productions


Fringe 09
Date: 08 Oct 2009 – 10 Oct 2009

OCCUPIED is the latest work by RAG Theatre, as part of the 2009 Melbourne Fringe Festival and 2009 Mental Health
Week Celebrations.

RAG Theatre are supported by The City of Port Phillip as part of an ongoing commitment to develop creative opportunities that reflect the diversity of the community and address issues of equity.

down the rabbit hole

Date: 15 Oct 2009 – 24 Oct 2009

`But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ Alice remarked.
`Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat: `we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’
`How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.
`You must be,’ said the Cat, `or you wouldn’t have come here.’

After their recent success with Inhale, Beat N’ Move Euphoric & Time A Story Of Youth; Collaboration The Project takes the original novel by Lewis Carrol, and darkly adapts it with brilliant choreography and a host of Australia’s most talented and innovating new talents. Starring Kim Adam as Alice, Brendan Yeates as The White Rabbit & Stephen Agisilaou as The Mad Hatter. This show takes you through the tale of Alice that we all love with dark clever twists and comical turns along the way.

Follow Alice Down The Rabbit Hole and be engrossed in the madness of the dance.

Adapted and Directed By Paul Malek

halloween classic

Date: 29 Oct 2009 – 31 Oct 2009

The Hallowe’en Classic is an annual three day weekend of improvisation, where interstate and international guest performers join Impro Melbourne’s players for three spine-chilling and side-splitting performances.

Hallowe’en Classic ProgramTricks of wit and comedy treats for all the boys and girls!

Thursday Oct. 29
The Road Not Taken 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Imagine if you could turn back time and change one thing. What would you do differently the second time around?
Director: Jason Geary
Musician:Robbie Ellis (NZ)
Cast: Anna Renzenbrink, Rama Nicholas, Tim Redmond, Mike Bryant, Karl McConnell & Michelle Nussey

Friday Oct. 30
Publishers 7:30pm – 8:20pm
In the hard and unforgiving world of publishing, dreams are lost and found. Years of work reduced to one moment, the moment the Publisher picks up the manuscript and reads your story. See the stories come to life through improvisation and find out if they make the cut.
Director: Patti Stiles
Musician: Robbie Ellis (NZ)
Cast: Jenny Lovell, Sean Fabri, Jamie Robertson, Patti Stiles, Dan Beeston (QLD), Wade Robinson (QLD), Penny Ashton (NZ), Glenn Hall (WA) & Jav Jarquin (NZ)

Superscene 8:30pm – 9:20pm
From our impro friends in Berlin, Superscene brings four directors together to tell their stories. Each round sees one story voted out by the audience until there is only one story left-the Superscene.
Director: Patti Stiles
Musician: Robbie Ellis (NZ)
Cast: Anna Renzenbrink, Kevin Yank, Lliam Amor, Patti Stiles, Nick Byrne (ACT), Dan Beeston (QLD), Glenn Hall (WA) & Jav Jarquin (NZ)

Fortune 9:30pm – 10:30pm
Pondering your destiny? Experiencing kismet anxiety? Fear not! Place your fortunes in the plucky hands of the Impro Melbourne oracles. Your future triumphs, loves and pitfalls will be revealed … to the catchy beat of a stage musical!
Director: Tim Redmond
Musician: Robbie Ellis (NZ)
Cast: Patti Stiles, Mike Bryant, Rik Brown, Nick Byrne (ACT), Wade Robinson (QLD) & Penny Ashton (NZ)

Saturday Oct. 31
More or Less: Paranormal 7:30pm – 8:20pm
Vampires, werewolves and all that goes bump in the night. The audience decides the course of these paranormal tales-do you want to see more or less? Cut a scene dead or prolong its bitter-sweet hold.
Director: Anna Renzenbrink
Musician: Gordon Dorin
Cast: Mike Bryant, Rik Brown, Kevin Yank, Jenny Lovell, Anna Renzinbrink, Patti Stiles, Nick Byrne (ACT), Dan Beeston (QLD), Wade Robinson (QLD), Megs Sillicorn (ACT) & Matt Shepard (ACT)

Gypsy Prov 8:30pm – 9:20pm
A band of travelling gypsies. Cross their palms with silver and they’ll tell you a tale or two.
Director: Rama Nicholas
Musician: a surprise
Cast: Rama Nicholas, Patti Siles, Tim Redmond, Rik Brown, Glenn Hall (WA), Matt Shepard (ACT) & Rebecca deUnamuno (NSW)

Spooky Sondheim Unscripted 9:30pm – 10:30pm
A completely improvised musical that pays tribute to one of Broadway’s most luminous talents. Based entirely on your suggestions and inspired by the signature style of Stephen Sondheim’s diverse creations-including West Side Story, Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd. Sondheim UnScripted is a co-creation of director Dan O’Connor and Michele Spears for Impro Theatre (Los Angeles).

Director: Tim Redmond / Patti Stiles
Musician: Gordon Dorin
Cast: Rik Brown, Mike Bryant, Rama Nicholas, Rebecca deUnamuno (NSW), Glenn Hall (WA) & Penny Ashton (NZ)


Date: 05 Nov 2009 – 07 Nov 2009

Here. There. Everywhere. Another one comes…
presented by SPARC Theatre with Blue Octopus and Justine Sless

SPARC Theatre performers are all people who live in supported accommodation in the City of Port Phillip and live with acquired brain impairment.

SPARC meet as a group each Wednesday at The South Melbourne Community Centre to explore dance, mime, song, improvisation and percussion.

SPARC Theatre are the people in your neighbourhood, they are its fabric, its history, its record.

Devised and performed by SPARC Theatre with Blue Octopus Ensemble and Justine Sless.

Directed by Nilgun Guven

SPARC Theatre is supported by a partnership between the City of Port Phillip and arbias Ltd, as part of an ongoing commitment to the development of creative opportunities that reflect the diversity of the community and address issues of social equity.

verve studios performance season 2009

Date: 12 Nov 2009 – 21 Nov 2009

Showcasing our Professional Studio graduates in a series of dynamic events, these performances will display the result of passion, talent and commitment to creative excellence.

Night Air PAS 09 Actor Showcase

Allow us to introduce you to one of the most evocative, seductive and dynamic ensembles to emerge from Verve Studios – our PAS 09 graduates. This confronting, courageous and completely irresistible piece of theatre is guaranteed to leave you utterly seduced and ready for more.

Release your inhibitions. Inhale the night air…

Directed by Darren Natale
Assistant Director Hayley Birch
Technical Manager Canada White

Thu 12 Nov / Fri 13 Nov / Sat 14 Nov / 7pm

Dreams of Youth Professional Teen Actor Studio Showcase

Introducing our inaugural 2009 PTAS ensemble.

Find yourself bewitched by the charm and charisma of our dynamic teen ensemble. This enchanting and captivating piece of theatre will leave your mind lingering long after you step out of the theatre. Expect the unexpected.

Directed by Joshua Hewitt
Technical Manager Canada White

Fri 20 Nov / Sat 21 Nov / 6.30pm

ROULETTE by Raimondo Cortese
Directed by Darren Natale

He must have meant to leave me alone in the midst of darkness because I can see you now as I’ve never seen you before…
– Federico Garcia Lorca

Selected pieces from Raimondo Cortese’s anthology of 12 duologues, Roulette.

A chance meeting at a café between a man and a woman leads to an unexpected revelation…
Two women meet innocently on a plane both armed with their own secrets…
Two women meet in a bar and succumb to the melody of this chance meeting…
A battle between co-workers leads to an ultimatum…
A seemingly innocuous meeting between two friends reveals beauty in an unlikely place…

Edgy, provocative and emotionally honest; these five worlds lead us to experience moments of a universal and timeless quality. A revealing and challenging mosaic of human interaction across a range of emotional landscapes.

Directed and designed by Darren Natale
Technical Manager Canada White
Performed by Stage Verve Company 2010

Wed 18 Nov – Sat 21 Nov / 8pm

WARNING: Offensive language and sexual references

FIGHT OR FLIGHT? Moments of Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.
– Ambrose Redmoon

Our life is filled with moments of fear. Fear that the love of another may be unrequited. Fear of our own inadequacies. Fear of rejection, and our fear of failure. But life is all about what we do with these moments. Do we flee or do we fight?

Directed by Joshua Hewitt
Technical Manager Canada White
Performed by Acting Studio Ensemble 2009

Fri 13 Nov & Sat 14 Nov / 8.30pm

The forest of gongs

Date: 26 Nov 2009 – 27 Nov 2009

The Forest of Gongs’ is a show about human connection. The roles we hold, the games we play and the emotions that bind us together so deeply.

As a pecking order unwinds, the characters reveal themselves in poetical, abstract and cheeky ways. Accompanied by a stunning live score of Chinese gongs ‘The Forest of Gongs’ reverberates the floor-boards and resonates the heart.

FOG Theatre members are all performers who have an intellectual disability.

Written By: FOG Theatre
Directed By: David Wells
Performed by: FOG Theatre
Designed by: Dayna Morrissey

circus works

Date: 02 Dec 2009 – 12 Dec 2009

Theatre Works’ latest artist support program is an exciting and thrill-filled season showcasing four emerging and highly talented Independent Circus/Physical Theatre companies as they push the artistic boundaries by blending traditional circus skills with theatrical storytelling. Four amazing independent circus companies will flip, fly, twirl, juggle, balance and enthral as they perform their breath taking and awe inspiring shows on the Theatre Works stage. Make sure you mark this one in your diary!

Circus Trick Tease [Circus Trick Tease]

7.30pm Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th & 2.00pm Sat 5th December.

Trick Tease Circus is a raunchy, raucous & entertaining collection of misfits including a maladjusted strongman, his neurotic female compatriot & their international star. Together, they play out their chaotic roles in dazzling displays of acrobatics, precarious balances & gratuitous headstands.

Co- Producer/Co-Director/Cast Member:
Malia Walsh and Shannon McGurgan
Assistant Producer/Cast Member:
Farhad Ahadi

SUITABLE FOR MATURE AUDIENCES: Adult Themes & Sexual References

Parasouls [Parasouls]

9.00pm Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th & 3.30pm Sat 5th December.

Five young women on stage stripped down but still dressed.
Parasouls pervert perceptions in their debut performance, using circus to examine femininity, cultural stereotypes and the awareness of bodies on display. A tableau of innocence and vulnerability staged by strong women, encapsulating sideshow female oddities, contorting to ideals and dismembering the perfect woman…

Cast Members:  Pippin Aitken, Lauren Shepherd, Lilikoi Kaos, Nyree Camden and Alex Mizzen


Freefall [Gravity & Other Myths]

7.30pm Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th & 2.00pm Sat 12th December.

One in twenty people have a phobia: Fear of public speaking, fear of death, fear of spiders, of darkness, of heights, of people, of thunder and lightning and small spaces. Using physical theatre, dynamic acrobatics and spoken word, Freefall transcends the conventional concept of fear to show the deeper complexities and resulting everyday habits that fear evokes in us all. What are you afraid of?

Cast Members:  Lachlan Binns, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Martin Schreiber, Jacob Randell, Jascha Boyce, Brie Henwood and Triton Tunis-Mitchell


DownPour [A4 Circus Ensemble]

9.00pm Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th & 3.30pm Sat 12th December.

Come for a journey through life with ‘DownPour’. This unique circus show explores new love, lost love and everything in-between! It’s poetic and humorous, poignant and timeless. ‘DownPour’ fuses traditional and contemporary circus skills delivered by a fresh and highly skilled circus ensemble.

Cast Members:  Zoe Robbins, Nathan Boadle, Thomas Worrell, Jess Connell


CIRCUS WORKS Master Class series

Date: 03 Dec 2009 – 11 Dec 2009

Check out our very exciting CIRCUS WORKS Master Class series featuring Clare Bartholomew, Sue Broadway, Gail Kelly and Emil Wolk. Designed to assist practicing artists in the continued development of their craft, this project has been generously supported through the Ian Potter Foundation.

The CIRCUS WORKS Master Class Series is designed to assist practicing artists in the continued development of their skills and craft.

The Act Lab

Thursday 3rd December 2009: 2.00pm to 5.30pm
Masterclass leader: Sue Broadway

This is an interactive process in which Sue directs a piece of work for each participant while the rest of the group acts as audience and assists with feedback. Each session begins with a group warm up focusing on presence and play.

Each participant brings a small piece of work – at any stage of development from starting point to finished piece – which is then performed, considered and reworked. Participants may work as duos or groups if they wish.

Sue has been presenting this process since the Adelaide Festival Fringe Masterclass series, hosted by the Circus Festival in 1998, and has successfully used the process with aerialists, street performers, clowns, actors, dancers, puppeteers and even a magician.

Participants are asked to bring everything they need to present a piece of between 90 seconds and five minutes. A supportive, challenging and fun environment is created which can generate major insights for performers in a very short time frame.

Maximum Number: 8

You! Clown? Or how to be stupid onstage, without being a dunce!

Masterclass leader: Clare BartholomewFriday 4th December 2009: 2.00pm to 5.30pm
A very short and silly trip into the world of clown and physical comedy.
Childish, ridiculous, tragic, naughty and naive, sometimes even angry, although forever optimistic, the clown longs for their chance to be in the spotlight and ‘save the show!’

Working solo and in duets with specific exercises and tasks, performers will each find their own ‘clown’ relationships and characters and discover different techniques that work for them. Emphasis will be on the playfulness and complicite between performers onstage and their joy at being ‘seen’ by the audience.

Maximum Number: 12.

Vaudeville Routines

Sunday 6th December 2009: 10.00am to 1.30pm
Masterclass leader: Emil Wolk

Emil’s Master Class will deal with the refinement required for performing particular vaudeville routines, concentrating on the style and comedy of the material as handed down to him by professional exponents in these fields; in particular Johnny Hutch (the Herculeans) and Cor van Velthoven (the Como Bros.). Emphasis will be put on character rather than solely physical skill and to the discipline and economy of execution necessary in the performance of these remarkable pieces of work. Time permitting Emil will also look at some short extracts from solo pieces by the participants and apply some of the discoveries of the workshop to their acts.

Maximum Number: 12

Directing Circus & Physical Theatre.

Thursday 10th December 2009: 2.00pm to 5.30pm
Masterclass leader: Gail Kelly

This is a practical hands-on master-class, which introduces circus & physical theatre performers to a range of ways of devising & directing within the art forms of circus and physical theatre (What’s the difference?)

Practical explorations will include investigations into: concepts / ideas / collaborative working methodologies / cross art form infiltrations / provocations & manifestos / act development & integration / structural mappings & meanings / performer & conceptual connections / near misses and the fine flow of segue and sequences.

The participants will work as both the performer and the director and within a range of combinations that will explore: the solo, the duet, the trio and ultimately the whole.

Participants will need to come with an idea, an image and a piece of music.

Maximum Number: 12.

Performance Presence

Friday 11th December 2009: 2.00pm to 5.30pm
Masterclass leader: Sue Broadway

This is a workshop focused on the presence of the performer – what it is, how to work with it, and how it generates meaning in our work. The sessions use group exercises and play as well as exercises in small groups and solo.

The three key modes of performance presence (performative self, enacted character, neutral) are generated through exercises that enable the participants to feel the quality of each state internally and to witness their effect on an audience.

The three key modes of audience relationship (fourth wall, presentational and interactive) are similarly explored.

This is a very useful workshop for performers who wish to understand better their effect on their audiences and how to work with it.

Maximum Number: 12.

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