Performance Archive: 1988


Date: 07 Mar 1988 – 26 Mar 1988

TheatreWorks’ Storming Mont Albert by Tram made history as Melbourne’s first travelling theatre. Described as “one of the most surreal events ever to animate Melbourne theatre ” (Jack Hibberd, The Age), audience and actors actually travelled on a No. 42 tram on a riotous journey from Mont Albert to the City and back.

Now TheatreWorks presents STORMING ST KILDA BY TRAM. Conducted by some of Melbourne’s finest funnypersons, a specially prepared tram will depart from the ‘fun centre’ of Melbourne, Luna Park, on a new journey of epic proportions. Director Mark Shirrefs and cast members Caz Howard and Peter Finlay from the original production of Storming Mont Albert by Tram are back on the tracks with a new “Trani” show.

In STORMING ST KILDA BY TRAM, a green tram, setting for everyday scenes of drama, trauma and romance for millions of Melburnians, is transformed into a moving theatrical experience. The show uses the entire Central Business District as its backdrop. Watch famous Melbourne landmarks flash before your eyes as you witness the story of a group of ordinary tram travellers who catch the St. Kilda tram for a night out on the town and whose lives as a result will never be the same again.

Written by:
Caz Howard, Susie Fraser, Peter Sommerfeld & Paul Davies

Directed by: Mark Shirrefs

Performed by: Liz Sadler, Cliff Ellen, Rosie Tonkin, Carolyn [Caz] Howard, Peter Finlay, Jeremy Stanford, Howard Stanley, Ian Scott and James Cox

Designed by:
Susan Weis [Costume]

Production/Stage Managed by:
Susan Weis [Production Manager]


Date: 03 Aug 1988

Friday night at last, the end of another boring working week …. and two groups of office workers converge on a suburban pub-bistro, grimly deter­mined to have a good time.

AFTER DINNER takes a funny, sometimes cruel, yet sympathetic, look at people caught up in the banality of routine office jobs, desperately seeking a good time, and perhaps someone to share it with.

THEATREWORKS is presenting the first professional season of this very funny play, which enjoyed a sell-out success in its short run at La Mama in May this year. We know you’ll enjoy the play, so be sure to book early!

Monika is late … guess which page is missing from her Melways? Paula would rather be seated closer to the band. Dympie misinterprets conversation overheard from the next table. Gordon wants some­one to talk to after his recent marriage breakup. Stephen’s idea of a good time does not include listening to Gordon!

Will the waiter ever serve them? Why is Monika locked in the loo? Will Brendan ever get there? Who will go off with whom? Or will they end up alone, just like every other Friday night?

The Director and Cast are the same, as is the designer, Amanda Johnson, who is re-designing the show to suit the larger space at THEATREWORKS… you’ll just love the design!

Written by Andrew Bovell, Melbourne’s fastest rising young playwright! After its first run at La Mama, AFTER DINNER will be performed profess­ionally in three states before the end of the year, starting with THEATREWORKS’ production in August!

Written by: Andrew Bovell

Designed by:
Amanda Johnson [set]

“..simply one of the most thoroughly enter­taining nights of theatre”     Russell Walsh  (Herald)

“…a funny and extremely well-executed play. It is surely one of the best plays of the season.”  (Beat)

“…a satisfying feast of laughs.” Campbell Thomson (Melbourne Times)

“…if laughter whets your appetite, its an after-dinner treat!” Suzanne Olb (Melbourne Report)


Date: 16 Nov 1988

Surviving the great Australian holiday… an ‘intents’ experience!

The latest from THEATREWORKS, the Company that earlier this year brought you the comedy hits of the year, Storming St Kilda By Tram and After Dinner!

ON SHIFTING SANDSHOES is about a diverse group of friends who go camping together every Christmas/New Year on Stradbroke Island. However, this year, the Bicentennial year, things go riotously out of kilter : it begins to rain and doesn’t let up for days! The creek rises and cuts them off from civilisation … the holiday now becomes a struggle for survival!

Friendships are strained, belongings are soggy, food becomes scarce. Relationships are stripped to the bone! The vigorous games of ‘Bastard Ball’ are replaced by the dividing up of the last sardine and the spelling out of S.O.S on the beach in XXXX empties!

The play is about migration within Australia—the annual Christmas trek. It’s about playing games and having fun. It’s about relationships that extend beyond family, and about the strain on those bonds when the food runs out! It’s a very funny play from the author of Storming St Kilda By  Tram and Living Rooms, both huge THEATREWORKS successes.

ON SHIFTING SANDSHOES is directed by Mark Shirrefs, who also directed Storming St Kilda By Tram and Cake, as well as the earlier THEATREWORKS hits, Storming Mont Albert By Tram and Breaking Up in Balwyn (both by Paul Davies as well!)

Written by: Paul Davies

Directed by: Mark Shirrefs

Performed by: Caz Howard, Jean Kittson, Brian Nankervis, David Swann, Rosie Tonkin and Ross Williams.

Designed by:
Amanda Johnson [set]

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