Performance Archive: 1987


Date: 17 Nov 1987

“In tackling burning issues of the moment TheatreWorks are to be congratulated…….. The new comes from TheatreWorks as is most often the case.” CENTRESTAGE, SEPT 1987

THEATREWORKS is in the vanguard of contemporary, quality Australian theatre. THEATREWORKS has stunned Melbourne audiences with such innovative productions as STORMING MONT ALBERT BY TRAM, ROOM TO MOVE, and the runaway success of the Company’s 1986 season, LIVING ROOMS.

With its final production for 1987 WHY PEOPLE GO TO TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, THEATREWORKS continues to challenge and translate our contemporary urban environment.

With WHY PEOPLE GO TO TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, Peter Sommerfeld, writer/actor and founding member of THEATREWORKS, and Kevin Mortensen, one of Australia’s foremost sculptors and performance artists, have created an amalgamation of Theatre and Performance Art. Using a succession of intervals in time, it generates a series of meditative and intriguing images highlighting political and sexual oppression in an environment of economic recession and social decay. Cutting back and for­ward in their lives, characters are observed in rooms high above the street and living the harsh reality of The Street itself.

To complement the impact of Kevin Mortensen’s atmospheric set design, we have contracted the services of Steven Swift, who has recently been touring with Australia’s new rock sensation, CROWDED HOUSE.

Through the unusual transformation of its theatre into a three-storey urban landscape, THEATRE WORKS will afford a small audience an intimate and stimulating night of theatre.

Written by: Peter Sommerfeld and Kevin Mortensen

Directed by: Peter Sommerfeld

Performed by: Susie Fraser, Craig Alexander, James Cox, Cliff Ellen, Andrew McLeod, Wayne Pearn, Geraldine Cook, Rosyn Dobelsky, Shirley Sydenham, Suzie Davis, Eleanora Varrenti, Peter Aland, Rick Higginbottom, Gordon Fukushima.

Designed by: Kevin Mortensen [Set]
Steve Swift [Lighting]
Neil Howe [Sound]
Mardi Sommerfeld & Susan Scott [Costume]

Production/Stage Managed by:
James Cox [Stage Manager]
Jamen Sommerfeld, Shirley Sydenham [Prod. Assist.]

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