Performance Archive: 1986


Date: 17 Jul 1986

The building in which this play is staged has gone from Victorian Mansion to Boarding House to Cultural Centre. The story is an invention based on impressions of the life of a grand mansion in St Kilda from the Boer War to the Bicentennial. Its bricks and mortar enshrine our history and the lives of its inhabitants pass like shadows, wondering if’ there’s such a thing as real progress after all, or whether life is just a case of “you can’t always get what you want.” It’s not so much the place you’re in, but the time you’re in it. Or, as Monika would say, “Only the journey matters.”

Written by: Paul Davies

Directed by:
Carolyn (Caz) Howard [The Drawing Room]
Peter Sommerfeld [The Flatette]
Paul Davies [The Gallery]
Andrea Lemon [Consultant Director]

Performed by: Paul Davies, Carolyn (Caz) Howard, Peter Sommerfeld, Rosie Tonkin, Kevin Cotter, Leonie Hurry and Cliff Ellen.

Designed by:
Peter Aland
Janice Drewe & Susan Weis [Design Assistants]

Production/Stage Managed by:
Peter Aland
Janice Drewe & Susan Weis [Production Assistants]


An Acland St Comedy
05 Nov 1986

In six years of full time opera­tions TheatreWorks has premier­ed 13 original Australian plays which have been generated by or commissioned specifically for the Company. The list of work seen in Melbourne includes Storming Mont Albert by Tram, Mary Room to Move, Herstory. Break­ing Up In Balwyn, Dee Jay View, The Pub Show and Living Rooms.

The company has developed a reputation for describing the life of the suburbs in a way that challenges and engages the audi­ence on a number of levels always pushing the realm of what’s theatrically possible into exciting new areas. As part of it’s commitment to take theatre to the people, TheatreWorks has performed in trams, riverboats, pubs, schools, colleges, prisons, factories and mansions.

Cake is the 3rd play in and about St. Kilda. It is also the first production in the company’s new theatre at 14 Acland Street.

With support from St. Kilda City Council and Christ Church, TheatreWorks is developing this hall into a flexible, performing arts space. With it’s new home and first permanent home TheatreWorks hopes to continue to give a voice and evolving cultural identity to the local community.

Written by: Bill Garner

Directed by: Mark Shirrefs

Performed by: Chris Barry, Paul Davies, Lynda Gibson, Val Lehman, Caz Howard, Brian Nankervis

Designed by:
Peter Sommerfeld [Production Design]
Andrew Hepburn [Lighting Design]
Denis Chapman [Props Maker]

Production/Stage Managed by:
Peter Sommerfeld [Production]
Simon Dennis [Stage Manager]
Peter Aland [Production assistant / Wardrobe]
Janice Drew [Production assistant/props/asst. Stage Manager]

Movement by: Amanda Smith
Music by: Paul Hester

Caz Howard, Peter Sommerfeld, Paul Davies, Wolfgang Wittwer
PUBLICITY: Maria Farmer, Deborah Hoare
Wolfgang Wittwer

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