Performance Archive: 1983


Date: 21 Jul 1983 – 21 Aug 1983

‘HERSTORY – labour of love, pain and laughter’ represents a major dramatic experience, a recapturing of women, stories, facts and events lost from Australia’s history from the 1890’s to today. HERSTORY is lively and fast entertainment, a sound and image kaleidoscope of music, old broadcasts and hundreds of images and anecdotes of women.

A celebration of the lives of everyday Australian women from 1900 to 1984. Performed at the Maverston St. Hall in August 1983 as an extension to the WOMEN OF THREE GENERA­TIONS Project. Reviewed favourably by daily and local press, we consider HERSTORY a fine example of the pro­cess of local research for community theatre.

Written by:
Caz Howard, Susie Fraser, Peter Sommerfeld & Paul Davies

Directed by: Peter Sommerfeld

Performed by: Caz Howard and Susie Frazer

Designed by: Peter Som­merfeld and Susan Weiss

Venue: Maverston St Hall, Camberwell

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