Performance Archive Directory

To celebrate our 40th birthday, Theatre Works has been hard at work resurrecting a chronological archive of all productions.

If you have any information on shows produced at Theatre Works that are not represented below, please contact Additionally, if you or anyone you know was involved in any productions pre 2010 and have any details or images to share, we would love to hear from you!



THE LAST SUPPER By Robert Draffin, Neil Simpson & Mary Sitarenos | 16 Jul – 6 Aug

SKIN PAPER By Didi Koi Dance Company | 18-26 Nov


THE GAP | 1994




TIRLPA | 1994



HOMME FATALE By Fly on the Wall Theatre | 1-10 Feb

MILES FRANKLIN AND THE RAINBOW’S END By Fly on the Wall Theatre | 12 Feb – 3 Mar

FLIGHT By Rawcus | 26-27 Nov

NUSHU by Wu Lin Dance Theatre | 12 – 16 Apr

BURN SONATA as part of Next Wave | 15 – 20 May

OSTINATO by Born In A Taxi | 24 May – 4 Jun

NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN by School of the Living World | 10-22 Jun

FRONT by Peter Houghton | 14 Jun – 1 Jul

THEATRESPORTS Winter Season | 2000

DAVID DEIDA SEMINARS By David Deida | 4-9 Jul

MEDITATION SESSION by Jan Wild | 11 Jul – 12 Sep

Tim Phillips | 23 Jul 

Phillipe Gaulier Workshops | 26 Jul – 25 Aug

‘Company Class and Warm Up’ by Chunky Move | 31 Jul – 10 Aug

Louise Taube Development and Showing | 28 Aug – 9 Sep

‘Laughing Ostriches’ by Sarjana Bumi | 29 Sep – 8 Oct

‘Suburbia’ by Surviving Productions | 9-22 Oct 

Theatre Sports Summer Season 2000 | 29 Oct – 3 Dec

Ewa Czajor Memorial Award Night | 30 Oct

‘City of Midnight’ by Jigsaw Theatre Co. | 13-26 Nov

Magnormous Musicals | 28 Nov

Fundraiser Sacred Heart Missionv | 30 Nov

‘Shoot The Moon’ Corporate Event | 30 Nov – 3 Dec

‘It’s A Dad Thing’ : 15th – 27th Jan 2001

‘A Question of Balance’ by Jan Wild : 28th Feb – 25th April 2001

‘National Theatre Masterclass : 10th Mar 2001

‘The Singing Forest’ by Performing Arts Projects : 5th – 24th Apr 2001

Tim Phillips Concert : 7th Apr 2001

‘Go Cats! Go Dogs!’ by ID 339 Dance Group : 9th – 20th Apr 2001

‘The Missing Green Frog’ by Clive James : 17th – 21st Apr 2001

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ by Trinity College : 30th Apr – 6th May 2001

‘Music and the Poet’ by Peter Porter : 12th May 2001

‘Girls, Sons and Strangers’ a season of plays by VCA Drama School : 15th May – 8th Jun 2001

‘Always Patsy Cline’ by Majestic Theatre Company : 11th – 30th June 2001

‘Homeless People Memorial Event’ Inner South Community Health : 21st Jun 2001

Theatre Sports Winter Season : 15th Jul – 16th Sept 2001

‘A Tad Absolute’ by Trudy Radburn : 9th Aug 2001

‘Bless Your Big Black Arts Festival’ : 13th Aug – 22nd Sep 2001

‘Doggy Style’ by Short and Tall Productions (Fringe) : 23rd Sep – 6th Oct 2001

‘The Doppelganger’ by Bacchic Productions : 23rd Sept – 6th Oct 2001

‘Maters Apprentices’ by Theatresports Melbourne Inc : 10th Oct – 28th Nov 2001

‘Moon Spirit Feasting’ as part of MIFA : 22nd – 25th Oct 2001

‘Night & Dreams’ as part of MIFA : 28th – 30th Oct 2001

‘Didgeridoos’ by Bruce Rogers : 2nd December 2001

‘The Bull-Ant’ by Commonplace Productions : 5th – 23rd Mar 2002

‘Homnivore the Omnivore’ by Crepe Fear Theatre : 9th – 20th Apr 2002

‘Clowns’ by Inotrope: 13th to 17th April 2002

‘Designer Child’ by Rawcus : 19th – 26th May 2002

‘Laugh at Life’ by Just Us : 13th – 14th Jun 2002

‘Remember Ronald Ryan’ by Hoy Polloy: 29th May to 7th June 2002

‘Woyzeck’ by Ensemble Thespis: 9th to 13th July 2002

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melb: Sundays from 14 July to 18 August

‘Androcles and the Lion’ by Sam Gough 21 to 24 Aug 2002

‘Betty and Bruce’ by MUMUS : 25th – 27th Sep 2002

‘Hamletmachine’ by Ensemble Thespis: 2nd to 5th Oct 2002 [Fringe Festival]

‘Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights’ by Ensemble Theatre: 9th to 12th Oct [Fringe Festival]

‘Tigerlillies’ by Sorrell Haze & Ray Bassett: 16th to 26th Oct 2002

‘Sacred Beetles’ by The Tea Company: 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2002

‘Luna Clown’ by Zeal Theatre: 12th & 13th Dec 2002

‘Dead Tragic’ by Impro Melbourne: 20th to 23rd Feb 2003 [presented by Theatreworks]

‘Triptych’ by Born in a Taxi: 20th to 23rd Feb 2003 [presented by Theatreworks]

‘Achilles’ by Emma Poole : 24th – 27th Feb 2003

‘Arcadia’ by The Leonardian Players : 31st March – 5th Apr 2003

‘Twelfth Night’ by Chambers Theatre : 15th May – 1st June 2003

‘All of Which are American Dreams’ by Theatre in Decay : 4th – 19th Jul 2003

‘Agamemnon’ by Ensemble Thespis : 14th – 17th Aug 2003

‘Bless Your Black Arts Festival’ : 5th – 20th Sept 2003

‘After the Fall: The Women of Troy’ by Free Fall Theatre : 26th Sep – 4th Oct 2003

‘I Love New York’ by Projection Productions : 26th Sep – 4th Oct 2003

Theatresports by Impro Melb: Sundays from 5th Oct to 30 Nov 2003

‘In The Room’ by RAG Theatre Group : 8th – 9th Oct 2003

‘[After A Pause]’ by ithinka Productions : 8th – 11th Oct 2003

‘The Coalition of the Willing’ by Brett Anthony Jones : 13th Oct 2003

‘Two’ by Soul Theatre Inc.: 6th to 29th Nov 2003

‘Russian Soup’ by Inotrope Productions: 15th – 23 Nov 2003

Asher Treleaven Body Storm Clown Workshops: 2nd – 8th Feb 2004

‘The Zoo Story’ by Edward Albee : 2nd – 13th March 2004

‘Out of the Blue’ by Magnormos: 5th – 13th March 2004

‘Dead Tragic’ by Impro Melbourne: 17th – 28th March 2004

‘The Clash of the Magicians’ by Luke Barisic: 15th – 17th April 2004

‘Three Headed Dog’: 21st April – 1st May 2004

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by Chambers Theatre Copmany: 6th – 22nd May 2004

‘Ariadne’s Thread’ by Talya Rubin : 25th May – 6th June 2004

‘Fanshen’ dir by Tom Healey: 9th – 13th June 2004

‘Wounds to the Face’ by Howard Barker: 16th June – 4th July 2004

‘Tribes of St Kilda’ dir by Stefo Nanstou : 9th – 10th July 2004

‘Macbeth’ by The Old Van: 16th July – 1st Aug 2004

‘Caresses’ by Sergi Belbel presented by Vicious Fish: 5th – 22nd Aug 2004

‘A Day in Bed’ by RAG Theatre: 25th Aug 2004

‘Oedipus Rex’ by Blue Chair Theatre: 1st – 4th September 2004

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne : 26th Sept – 28th Nov 2004

‘Water into Wine’ by Craig Christie : 14th – 16th October 2004

Freedom Train Gospel Choir: 21st – 23 October 2004

‘Mata Galep Theatre in Decay’ by Robert Reid: 30th Nov – 12th Dec 2004

‘After the Rain’ by Vicious Fish Theatre: 16th Feb – 5th March 2005

‘Petroleum, Inconsolable and Night’ by Raimondo Cortese: 8th – 19th March 2005

Magnormus Trivia Night: 2nd April 2005

‘Pedro and the Captain’ by Mario Benedetti: 6th – 10th April 2005

‘Thrill Me – The Leopold and Loeb Story’ dir by Martin Croft : 13th – 23rd April 2005

‘Alternative Endings’ by Dancing with Strangers : 27th April – 8th May 2005

‘The Bog’ by Declan Greene: 13th – 28th May 2005

‘Got the Blues’ by Mayhem Cabaret: 2nd – 4th June 2005

‘The Rouge Room’ by Chunky Move: 26th Aug – 11th Sep 2005

‘Not Dead Yet’ by Born in a Taxi and RAWCUS: 15th – 25th Sep 2005

‘The Big Dipper’ [Part of Melb Fringe Festival]: 21st Sep – 9th Oct 2005

‘Achilles’ performed by Emma Poole: 21st Sep – 6th Oct 2005

‘CUNversations’ by Gaylene Carbis: 21st Sep – 6th Oct 2005

‘Chief Concubine’ by Julia Trybe: 21st Sep – 8th Oct 2005

‘Extreme Spoken Word’ by Esteban David Do Santos & Joey Kurtschenko: 21st Sep – 8th Oct 200

‘I Feel the Guts of Life!’ by Panther: 22nd Sep – 8th Oct 2005

‘Vast Park’ by Assemblage Five Performance Group: 22nd Sep – 8th Oct 2005

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne: 25th Sep – 27th Nov 2005

‘By the Short and Curlies’ by Barry Lowe: 3rd – 9th Oct 2005

‘Melbourne Breaks’ by Wicked Force Breakers: 3rd – 8th Oct 2005

‘A Day in Bed’ by RAG Theatre: 13th – 14th Oct 2005

‘Fourplay’ by Vicious Fish Theatre: 28th Oct – 12th Nov 2005

‘Jet of Blood’ by Ignite Productions: 7th – 11th Dec 2005

‘Can’t Leave Tomorrow Alone’ by Hoist Theatre Group: 9th – 25th February 2006

‘Dance Through Me’ by Blackbird Productions: 27th- 28th March 2006

‘Voices in the Wind’ by Rynagh O’Grady: 4th March 2006

‘Find Me, Call Me, Meet Me’ by Blue Chair Theatre: 19th – 22nd April 2006

Keith Johnstone Impro Workshops presented by Impro Melbourne: 10th – 21st May 2006

‘Unforeseen Stories’ by Impro Melbourne: 12th – 14th May 2006

‘The Beauty Spot’ by Magnormos: 22nd – 24th May 2006

‘Lally Katz and the Terrible Mysteries of the Volcano’ by Stuck Pigs Squealing: 1st – 8th June 200

‘Weapon of Choice’ by Shadow Productions: 12th – 29th July 2006

‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ by Walking Into Bars: 2nd – 6th August 2006

‘The Habib Show’ by Gorkem Acaroglu: 29th August – 17th September 2006

‘Jet of Blood’ by Ignite Productions: 20th Sep – 8th Oct 2006

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne: 24th Sep – 26th Nov 2006

‘Grace’ by GoD BE IN MY MouTH: 7th – 25th March 2007

‘One Cat Purring’ by Michael Westlake: 7th March 2007

‘Enough About Me… Let’s Talk About Jew’: 11th – 22nd April 2007

‘Ghosts’ by The Branch Theatre Company: 5th – 20th May 2007

‘Love Equals’ by Magnormos: 23rd – 26th May 2007

‘Tick, Tick… Boom’ by NEO Production Company: 30th May – 3rd June 2007

‘Love and All Its Catastrophes’ by Melbourne Dance Company: 14th – 17th June 2007

‘Know No Cure’ by Adam Broinowski: 20th June – 1st July 2007

‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ by Groove Tonic: 5th – 14th July 2007

‘Flora the Red Menace’ by Magnormos: 17th – 21st July 2007

’17 Now’: 24th July – 5th August 2007

‘Mercury Fur’: 29th August – 16th September 2007

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne: 23rd September – 25th November 2007

‘De-Orchestrated’ by String Fever: 26th – 30th September 2007

‘Crisis & Rhapsody’ by RAG Theatre: 4th – 6th October 2007

‘The Hallowe’en Classic’ by Impro Melbourne: 25th – 27th October 2007

‘The Chosen Vessel’ by Petty Traffickers: 1st – 18th November 2007

‘Mary Bryant’ by Magnormos: 21st – 24th November 2007

‘Hang on a Minute’ by Just Us: 28th – 29th November 2007

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by The Preferred Play Company: 5th – 22nd December 2007

‘Our Country’s Good’ by The Preferred Play Company: 9th – 29th March 2008

‘The Thing About Men’ by Magnormos: 3rd – 12th April 2008

‘Kindertransport’ by Machinations Theatre Ensemble: 16th – 27th April 2008

‘Venus in Furs’ by Elbow Room: 1st – 18th May 2008

‘Inky’ by Complete Works Theatre Company: 23rd May – 8th June 2008

‘Runtime Error’ by After Dark Theatre Productions: 17th July – 2nd August 2008

‘The Lesson, Le Professeur Taranne, Picnic on the Battlefield’ by Ignite Productions: 20th – 30th August 2008

‘Lonesome West’ by Tiny Dynamite Theatre: 4th – 21st September 2008

‘The Joy Before Thinking’ by Little Ones Theatre: 15th – 18th October 2008

‘One Cloud’ by Tiny Dynamite Theatre: 13th – 29th November 2008

‘Mondo Panto’ by Sisters Grimm: 4th – 21st December 2008

‘Thy Will Be Done’ by Sacred Cowboy Productions: 30th Jan – 7th Feb 2009

‘As You Do’ by Mainly Mary’s: 30th Jan – 7th Feb 2009

‘Pandora’s Eyes’ by Ripple Productions: 18th Feb – 1st March 2009

‘Beat N’ Move Euphoric’ by Collaboration The Project: 5th – 8th March 2009

‘Miss K and the Klones’ by Mayhem Productions: 28th March 2009

‘Inside the Island’ by Doorslam Productions: 8th – 26th April 2009

‘Garden of Delights’ by Pipedream: 30th April – 16th May 2009

‘Clickity Clack Don’t Talk Back’ by Liquid Skin Theatrephysical: 20th – 31st May 2009

‘Aoroi’ by Liquid Skin Theatrephysical: 20th – 31st May 2009

‘Sunset Rising’ by BarnDaw Productions: 15th – 18th July 2009

‘Life’s a Circus’ by Anthony Costanzo: 31st July – 15th August 2009

‘The Lower Depths’ by Inotrope Productions: 26th – 30th August 2009

‘Something Blew’ by Second Toe Dance Collective: 3rd – 5th September 2009

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne: 20th Sep – 29 Nov 2009

‘Runtime Error’ by After Dark and Damage Control: 23rd Sep – 3rd Oct 2009

‘Mantswe’ by Gumbination: 23rd Sep – 3rd Oct 2009

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ by Collaboration the Project: 15th – 24th Oct 2009

‘The Hallowe’en Classic’ by Impro Melbourne: 29th – 31st Oct 2009

‘HItchhiker’ by SPARC Theatre and Blue Octopus: 5th – 7th Nov 2009

‘The Forest of Gongs’ by FOG Theatre: 26th – 27th Nov 2009

Circus Works Artist Support Program: 2nd – 12th December 2009


‘Gentlemen Prefer Blokes’ by Courtney Act and Trevor Ashely: 21st – 24th Jan 2010

‘At the Sans Hotel’ by Nicola Gunn: 16th – 27th March 2010

‘The Exciting Adventures of Francis McCubbin: The Quest for an Arts Degree (With Honours)’ by GreenBean Productions: 31st March – 10th April 2010

‘The Jewish Chronicles’ by Watchdog Communications and Lawrence Jackson: 31st March – 10th April2010

‘Dress to Hide – The Story of a Straight Aussie Bloke’ by Rob Lo Bosco Productions: 31st March – 11th April2010

‘Parkland Avenue’ by Collaboration the Project and Project Y: 14th – 24th April 2010

‘[Title of Show]’ by Magnormos: 30th April – 15th May 2010

‘Obsession’ by Industry Dance: 19th – 23rd May 2010

‘You’ by Seedbox Theatre: 26th – 29th May 2010

‘The Table’ by Zeal Theatre and Full On Theatre Company: 5th June 2010

‘Blood’ by Sergi Belbel: 24th June – 4th July 2010

‘An Elephant in the Room’ by Antipodean Theatre: 8th – 25th July 2010

‘A Fistful of Scripts’ by Wise Words Media: 17th July 2010

‘Daisy Chain’ by Rouse House Theatre Company: 12th – 21st August 2010

‘[Title of Show]’ RETURN SEASON by Magnormos: 26th Aug – 11th Sep 2010

‘Theatresports’ by Impro Melbourne: 19th Sep – 21st Nov 2010

‘Whole New World’ Play Reading by The Torch: 19th Sep 2010

‘Paper Man’ and ‘The 499th Day’ by Liquid Skin Peninsula Performing Arts Company: 23rd Sep – 2nd Oct 2010

‘I Could Be You’ by Embrace Productions: 23rd Sep – 9th Oct 2010

‘La Petite Mort – The Orgasm’ by Ladies Who Lounge Cabaret: 23rd Sep – 2nd Oct 2010

‘Mastering with the Mistresses’ Masterclasses by Tashmadada: 25th Sep – 8th Oct 2010

‘The She Sessions’ by Women Under Construction: 29th Sep – 9th Oct 2010

‘Instability Strip’ by Blue Straggler Productions: 5th – 9th Oct 2010

‘Climax’ by Collaboration the Project: 14th – 23rd Oct 2010

‘Something Blew’ by 2nd Toe Dance Collective: 27th Oct – 6th Nov 2010

‘The Nightwatchman’ by If Theatre: 24th Nov – 12th December 2010

‘Closer’ by Avid Theatre

‘Arafat in Therapy’ by Smoking Salmon Productions

‘Stratagem and iOverload’ by Collaboration the Project

‘Unspoken Lives’ by NIDA

‘These Are The Isolate’ by Mutation Theatre

‘Delectable Shelter’ by The Hayloft Project

‘Monty and Melville’ by That Girl

‘The Tempest’ by Inotrope Productions

‘The Hatpin’ by Magnormas

‘Hello, My Name Is’ by Nicola Gunn

‘Anna’ by Forty Forty Home

‘Release the Stars’ by Vertical Shadows Company

‘The Bearskinner’ by The Duck House

‘Grimra’ by Drill Performance Company

‘Flowerchildren’ by Magnormos

‘The Yellow Wave’ by Gadfly

‘Cumulus Nimbus’ by Fog Theatre

Musical Works

‘The Rock’ by Kurunpa Live Arts

‘The Greeks’ by Asuya Nathan

‘Summerland’ by Company Three

‘In The Works’ by Katy Werner

‘The Book Of Rachael’ By Present Tense

‘Oedipus The King’ by The Hayloft Project

‘Tuesday’ by MKA Theatre of new works

‘Men At Work’


‘The Year of Magical Wanking’

‘Negative Energy Inc’ by Ash Flanders

‘Unanswered’ by Paul Malek

‘Hose’ and ‘Tinkertown’ Double Bill by MKA

‘Solo Voyages’ by The National Institute of Dramatic Art

‘Collide’ by Collaboration The Project

‘The Girls in Grey’ by The Shift Theatre

‘Persona’ by Fraught Outfit

‘Reasons to be Pretty’ by Square Peg Productions

‘Himmelweg’ by Red Room Theatre

‘This is a Door’ by Pop Up Playground

‘Parkland Avenue’ by Collaboration The Project

‘The Memorandium’ by Barking Spider Visual Theatre

‘Hello My Name Is’ by Nicola Gunn

‘No Child’ by Nilaja Sun

‘Our Chalk Circle’ by Inotrope

‘Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Desert’ by Present Tense

One-on-One Festival: ‘Theatre at its Most Intimate’ by Theatre Works

‘Boom’ by Gearstick Theatre

‘Diamond & Gallagher’ by Michael Dalton

‘Howl’ dir by Daniel Lammin

‘Psycho Beach Party’ by Little Ones Theatre: 11th – 19th January 2013

‘Here Lies Henry’ by TurnAround Productions: 22nd – 27th January 2013

‘The Dead Ones’ by Vitalstastix Theatre Company and Margie Fischer: 29th Jan – 3rd Feb 2013

‘Split Personalities’by Lordedo Malcolm and LOcREaDO Dance Company: 12th – 17th Feb 2013

‘Love Me Tender’ by Mutation Theatre: 20th Feb – 2nd Mar 2013

‘Cut Snake’ by Dan Giovannoni, Amelia Evans and Paige Rattray: 25th Feb – 9th Mar 2013

‘Flame Trees’ by Tunks Productions: 6th – 16th March 2013

‘Penelope’ by Enda Walsh: 20th March – 13th April 2013

‘Suitcases, Baggage & Other Synonyms’by Nick of Time Productions: 17th – 20th April 2013

‘Swan Dive’ by by What’s On? Production Company: 25th April – 4th May 2013

‘No Child’ by Nilaja Sun: 7th – 26th May 2013

‘Palace of the End’ by Judith Thompson: 5th – 16th June 2013

‘Portraits’ by Melbourne Playback Theatre Company: 29th – 30th June 2013

‘Yours Truly’ by Paul Malek and Kim Adam: 10th – 13th July 2013

‘The Last Five Years’ by Tall Trees Productions: 17th – 21st July 2013

‘Abundance’ – A Fundraising Party for Independent Theatre: 27th July 2013

‘Night Maybe’ by Stuck Pigs Squealing: 15th August – 1st September 2013

‘Sins’ by Rickstix and Collaboration the Project: 5th – 14th September 2013

‘M+M’ by Daniel Schlusser Ensemble: 8th – 16th October 2013

‘Room of Regret’ by The Rabble: 21st Oct – 3rd Nov 2013

‘Summertime in The Garden of Eden’ by Sisters Grimm: 7th – 16th November 2013

‘This is a Door’ – All Day Play Room by Pop Up Players: 29th Nov – 1st Dec 2013

‘MechCombat’ by Pop Up Playground: 29th Nov – 1st Dec 2013

‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ by Matthew Management and Neil Gooding Productions: 7th – 18th January 2014

‘Lay of the Land’ by Tim Miller: 19th – 25th January 2014

‘The Worst of Scottee’ by Scottee: 20th – 25th January 2014

‘The Bitter Tears Of Petra von Kant’ by Dirty Pretty Theatre and Theatre Works: 29th Jan – 8th Feb 2014

‘Pacific Overtures’ by Watch This & Manilla Street Productions: 19th Feb – 9th Mar 2014

‘The Judas Kiss’ by Mockingbird Theatre: 14th – 22nd March 2014

‘The Middle Room’ by Nat Cursio Co.: 17th – 28th March 2014

‘Person of Interest’ by Nicola Gunn: 24th – 29th March 2014

‘Make the Call’ by zin: 24th – 30th March 2014

‘Far Away… So Close’ by Savage Amusement: 24th – 30th March 2014

‘Fright’ by Jodie Ahrens, Kelly Alexander, Melanie Hamilton: 24th – 30th March 2014

‘Yana Alana in Tears Before Bed Time’ by Yana Alana: 25th – 29th March 2014

‘Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model’ by Bryony Kimmings: 25th Mar – 6th Apr 2014

‘Sex Idiot’ by Bryony Kimmings: 27th Mar – 5th Apr 2014

‘In Deep Water’ by Katie Sfetkidis: 29th – 30th March 2014

‘DreamSong’ by Red Heifer Productions: 9th – 20th April 2014

‘Wael Zuaiter: Unknown’ by Creative Nonfiction: 29th April – 11th May 2014

‘Memorandum’ by Kate Hunter: 20th May – 1st June 2014

‘Abundance’ – A Fundraising Party for Independent Theatre: 12th July 2014

‘The Motion of Light in Water’ by Elbow Room: 17th – 27th July 2014

‘I Heart John McEnroe’ by Uninvited Guests: 30th July – 10th Aug 2014

‘Thérèse Raquin’ by Dirty Pretty Theatre: 14th – 30th Aug 2014

‘Bent’ by Cut Lunch Productions: 3rd – 13th Sep 2014

‘The Worst of Scottee’ by Scottee [Return Season]: 30th Sep – 4th Oct 2014

‘Something From Nothing’ by Fairly Lucid Productions: 30th Sep – 4th Oct 2014

‘St Kilda Talks Back’ by Barking Spider Visual Theatre: 2nd Oct 2014

‘The House of Yes’ by Little Ones Theatre: 27th Nov – 13th Dec 2014

‘The Big Gay Cruise’ dir by Leigh Barker: 22nd Jan – 1st Feb 2015

‘Bad Adam’ and ‘Pony’ by Horny Pony Productions: 4th – 7th Feb 2015

‘Doors Open’ by Bryan Smith and Shane Tonks: 4th – 7th Feb 2015

‘Cut Snake’ by Arthur Productions: 23rd – 27th Feb 2015

‘I Lost it in Kiev’ by Deb Filler:28th Feb 2015

‘Fake it ‘Til you Make it’ by Bryony Kimmings and Tim Grayburn: 18th Mar – 5th 2015

‘The Rivers of China’ by Don’t Look Away: 20th – 30th May 2015

‘From Here to Maternity’ by AquaLeo: 9th – 14th June 2015

‘Saltwater’ by Jamie Lewis: 1st – 12th July 2015

‘Letters Home’ by Renegade Productions: 1st – 12th July 2015

‘The Wisdom of Eve’ by Glamm Productions: 20th – 26th July 2015

‘FLIGHT’ Festival of New Writing: 31st Jul – 23rd Aug 2015

‘Kindness’ by Bridget Mackey: 31st July – 9th Aug 2015

‘Yours the Face’ by Fleur Kilpatrick: 31st Jul – 9th Aug 2015

‘The Dead Twin’ by Chi Vu: 12th – 22nd Aug 2015

‘Virgins and Cowboys’ by Morgan Rose: 14th – 23rd Aug 2015

‘Grief and the Lullaby’ by Patrick McCarthy: 14th – 23rd Aug 2015

‘Price Check! The Musical’ by Loaded Productions: 26th – 30th August 2015

‘ABUNDANCE’ Fundraiser Event: 12th Sep 2015

‘Dualities’ by SCIMM Dance Company: 17th – 20th Sep 2015

‘The Bacchae’ by St Martins and Fraught Outfit: 8th – 24th Oct 2015

Directors Lab Melbourne: 10th – 18th October 2015

‘Dracula’ by Little Ones Theatre: 29th Oct – 14th Nov 2015

‘Ricercar’ by Present Tense Ensemble: 24th Nov – 12th Dec 2015

‘Portraits In Motion’ by Volker Gerling: 1 – 6 March 2016

‘Blind’ by Black Hole Theatre & Dudapaiva Company: 8 – 19 March 2016

‘Genius’ by Amelia Ducker & St Martins: 12 – 13 March 2016

‘Internal Terrains’ by Natasha Davis: 13 March 2016

‘Earshot’ by Kate Hunter: 3 March 2016

‘Playing Shop’ by Nicola Gunn & Natalie Cursio: 12 – 13 March 2016

‘Dance Magic Dance – Cast Party’ by The Boon Companions: 4 March 2016

‘Bright World’ by Arthur Productions: 13 – 30 April 2016

‘The Orchid And The Crow’ by Salvador Dinosaur: 3 – 15 May 2016

‘Mill On The Floss’ by Opticnerve: 28 July – 13 August 2016

‘Dangerous Liaisons’ by Little Ones Theatre: 16 – 20 August 2016

‘The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui’ dir By Phil Rouse: 25 August – 10 September 2016

‘Anti-Hamlet’ by New Working Group: 3 – 13 November 2016

‘Animal’ by Influx: 17 – 27 November

‘Lifetime Guarantee’ By Ross Mueller: 9th – 29th February 2017

‘Joan’ By The Rabble: 20th – 30th April 2017

‘The Book Of Exodus Part I’ By Fraught Outfit: 31st May – 18th June 2017

‘Frankenstein’ By Don’t Look Away: 20th – 29th July 2017

‘Big Heart’ By Dee & Cornelius: 6th – 24th September 2017

‘All Of My Friends Were There’ By Guerrilla Museum: 5th – 11th October 2017

‘The Book Of Exodus Part II’ By Fraught Outfit: 18th – 29th October 2017

‘Song For A Weary Throat’ By Rawcus: 29th November – 10th December 2017

‘Antigone X’ By Zeb Fontaine Theatre

‘Unknown Neighbours’ By Ranters Theatre

‘Fierce’ By Jane E Thompson

‘Hello Beautiful’ By Hannie Rayson

‘Elegy’ By Lab Kelpie

‘Swansong’ By Conor McDermottroe

‘The Nightingale And The Rose’ By Little Ones Theatre

‘Polygraph’ By Optic Nerve

‘The Nose’ By The Bloomshed

‘Dybbuks’ By Samara Hersch With Chamber Made Opera

‘To Hell And Back’ By Gertrude Opera

‘Kilter’ By One Fell Swoop Circus

‘The Five Elements’ By JMC Dance Lab

‘Ross & Rachel’ By Spinning Plates Co.

‘Our Carnal Hearts’ By Rachel Mars

‘Warriors’ By Dramatic Pause

‘Deadweight’ By Rough Conduct

‘One Punch Wonder’ By The Actors’ Hub

‘Pilepileta’ By Sheree Stewart

‘Ascent’ By Citizen Theatre

‘Frogman’ By Curious Directive

‘The Market Is A Wind-Up Toy’ By The Bloomshed

‘The Hamlet Apocalypse’ By The Danger Ensemble

’80 Minutes No Interval’ By Travis Cotton

‘Perpetual Frustration Machine’ By Stephen Sewell & Zebastian Hunter

GIVE A FUCK CABARET Curated By Rockie Stone | 18 – 27 Jan

TRULY MADLY BRITNEY By Stage Mom | 19 Jan – 9 Feb

THE BUTCH MONOLOGUES By Laura Bridgeman & Julie Mcnamara | 27 Jan – 3 Feb

Cake Daddy By Wreckedallprods

Bin Laden: The One Man Show By Knaive Theatre

Robot Song By Arena Theatre Co.

Alphabet Soup By Holly Austin

Slaughterhouse Five By Monash Uni Student Theatre (Must)

Bitch On Heat By Leah Shelton

Swansong (Regional Tour) By Conor Mcdermottroe

The Three Graces By The Anchor

Drive By Rebecca Meston

Autocannibal By Oozing Future

Play It Forward Hip-Hop Festival

Abundance & Abandon Gala

Let Men Tremble By The Danger Ensemble

The Other Place By Before Shot

Batmania By The Very Good Looking Initiative

The Market Is A Wind-Up Toy By The Bloomshed

Mad As A Cute Snake By Amelia Evans & Dan Giovannoni

Finite By Split Second Theatre

Two Twenty Somethings Decide Never To Be Stressed About Anything Ever Again. Ever. By Bite Productions

Love / Chamberlain By Bridget Mackey & Cathy Hunt

Unhowsed By Tashmadada & Voices Of The Southside

She Is Vigilante Directed By Bridget Balodis & Krystalla Pearce

People Suck By Salty Theatre

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