Interview with Jamie Lewis | Creator, Saltwater

Photo by Sarah Walker
Photo by Sarah Walker

Meet Jamie Lewis. Creator of Saltwater, opening at Theatre Works next month. Jamie is a performance maker originally from Singapore. A graduate of the LASALLE College of the Arts and the Victorian College of the Arts, Jamie creates and performs experimental and contemporary intercultural work. In 2012 she was a co-creator with Dan Koop & Co. on The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge which received a Green Room Award for Outstanding Production – Creative Agency for Audiences.

Saltwater invites you into an evening of storytelling, conversations and food. In a quick turnaround, Jamie finds herself married and migrated. To make things work, she channels the women in her life for answers. This is a live art experience that invites 15 strangers to share a meal and travel through memories of Singapore, childhood and lessons learnt.

This week we Jamie shares a little insight into her unique style of performance making and what makes her tick…

I make performance work because…

I relish in the live-ness. The act of being present in real time and crafting the framework of experience excites me. I find the medium of art and performance to have a conversation about the world as we find it and the idea of responding to each idea, concept or situation in a performance work from the beginning to the end is a damn exciting, and stimulating, business.

I love cooking and sharing food in my work because…

I love food. Period. It’s also the muggy hawker centre at midnight, having beer on ice and all sorts of yummy goodness with friends, talking into the wee hours of the morning. That friendship and depth of how we share what we share is something I want to offer to people who sit with me at my table.

By sharing my stories, I would like to…

Find new ways of looking at the world for myself and offer someone else a different way for them view their world. I also write autobiographically because I am interested in the act of remembering. There’s a theory about how our memory of something is only of the last time we remembered it, and not the actual incident itself and so the repetition of telling, of re-telling, is a very fascinating exercise for me to “not forget.”

Teamwork in the arts is…

Listening. A lot of listening and less talking but being transparent and accountable. And then trusting the decisions made and that everyone else will bring to the table their best.

When people walk into the show they…

May feel really comfortable, they may not. They may remember their memories, good and bad. They may laugh, and some may tear up. They may leave with their bellies full and their hearts filled. But I think they will leave smiling.

Creativity is

The ability to look at one thing and see the multiple ways in which it got there and all the ways it can go. Rigour, though, is making a choice out of all those options and distilling it to its most essential.

Saltwater Season: July 1 – 12, 2015 // Click here for tickets and information

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